Grepping Alert by Day

Hi all,
For that moment when your alert is very big and some OS doesn’t “work very well with it” (in my case was using AIX), I jerry-ringged the shellscript bellow. It puts in a new log just the log entries of a selected day.

24 7 365

The call can be made with two or three parameters, this way:

name of alert (the main alert.log)
PAR2: Day you want to, in the format “Mon dd”. Below an example.
PAR3: [optional] desired year. The default is the current year. But is useful specially on the “new year” period…

Ex1: sh alert_xxdb_1.log “Apr 12”
Ex2: sh alert_xxdb_1.log “Apr 12” 2014

Generated files:

# Script
if [ $# -lt 3 ]; then
YEAR=`date +"%Y"`
else YEAR=$3
DATEFORMAT=`echo $2|cut -d' ' –f1`""`echo $2|cut -d' ' –f2`
BEG=`cat $1 |grep -n "$2" |grep $YEAR |head -1 |cut -d':' -f1`
FIN=`cat $1 |grep -n "$2" | grep $YEAR |tail -1 |cut -d':' -f1`
NMB=`expr $FIN - $BEG`
cat $1 |head -$FIN |tail -$NMB > dalert_$YEAR$DATEFORMAT.log

Belive me! It can be useful…. haha

See ya!


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