CRSCTL: AUTO_START of Cluster Services (ACFS)

As I sad long time ago (Manually Mounting ACFS)… Here is it:

To set autostart of a resource (in my case an ACFS) by CRSCTL, here the simple example:

# Check How it is currently configured:

[root@db1database1p bin]# ./crs_stat -p ora.dghome.dbhome.acfs |grep AUTO_START

# Set Autostart (and check):

[root@db1database1p bin]# ./crsctl modify resource ora.dghome.dbhome.acfs -attr AUTO_START=always
[root@db1database1p bin]# ./crs_stat -p ora.dghome.dbhome.acfs |grep AUTO_START

It can be done also with “AUTO_START=1”. We have 3 possibilities (always, restore and never).

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