Weekly Events #4

Here is a summary of the EVENTS for this week!


Azure App Service em Linux: é possível executar WebJobs?

Computação em nuvem é algo que está cada vez mais presente no nosso dia a dia como desenvolvedores, IT pros e mesmo usuários. E sendo o Microsoft Azure uma das plataformas líderes em cloud computing no cenário atual, o Canal .NET decidiu promover mais uma vez o Azure Tech Nights: um evento completamente ONLINE e GRATUITO com sessões durante Fev/2021 e Mar/2021 para levar mais conhecimento sobre nuvem para toda a comunidade.


   APRIL 06


Boot Camp Oracle Communications SD-WAN

This course introduces the key technical concepts of Oracle’s SD-WAN offering and equips attendees with the skills to configure and troubleshoot an Oracle SD-WAN global network. Essential elements of network, site, and quality of service configuration are demonstrated in detail alongside related monitoring and troubleshooting activities enabled by the SD-WAN appliance GUI. This course also provides best practice recommendations for efficient provisioning and maintenance of the SD-WAN configuration and network.



Reduce system complexity in Java with Data-Oriented programming

Traditionally in Java, we mix data and code in objects. While being beneficial in some cases, data encapsulation has a tendency towards systems with complex class hierarchies. Moreover, we introduce complex synchronization mechanisms to protect the state of our objects from being mutated or corrupted by other threads, making our code harder to maintain. Over the years many design patterns have been invented to work around this complexity.

Data-Oriented programming is a programming paradigm that inherently reduces system complexity by drawing a clear separation between code and data, and representing data with generic immutable data structures.


   APRIL 07


Experience HPC for Research on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Register for this hands-on workshop delivering the experience of high performance computing on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. You’ll learn how to:

  • Launch an HPC cluster through the OCI command line interface.
  • Apply best practices for provisioning an automated application stack through the “infrastructure-as-a-code” model and Terraform.
  • Easily and efficiently deploy an OpenFOAM-ready VM on OCI



Oracle Virtual Event: The Modern Data Warehouse

Data is a critical resource for every organisation, and maximising its value requires a modern approach to data management. In this briefing, we will cover the challenges customers face when trying to ingest, consolidate, catalogue, secure and analyse large amounts of data from multiple sources. We will talk about new cloud capabilities, such as autonomous and data science services, that are making it easier for organisations to manage and extract value from their data.



Running Oracle Database Upgrades on Docker

Organizations planning for an Oracle upgrade should consider Docker in their upgrade strategy. Docker is an ideal environment for evaluating and testing Oracle database features and upgrades are no exception. Creating an Oracle database in Docker is fast and easily repeated. Containers require little time or effort to create and are light enough to run on a laptop. This makes Docker the ideal platform for evaluating, practicing, and perfecting database upgrade procedures. In this session, I’ll demonstrate: – Approaches for installing, patching, and customizing Oracle database software on Docker – Modifications needed in Oracle’s default Docker image builds to support upgrades – Techniques for creating “upgrade containers with source and target Oracle database homes preinstalled – How to merge multiple database images into a single container – Methods for creating reference data for running instant databases



Oracle Database 19c Upgrade Workshop

Computer Gross, in collaborazione con Oracle, vi invita a partecipare a questo workshop gratuito, indirizzato a tutti coloro che intendono approfondire tutto ciò che riguarda la versione 19c ed avere la possibilità di assistere a come eseguire l’upgrade ad Oracle Database 19c.

Questo include un’introduzione alla 19c e un’osservazione più da vicino dei vari metodi di upgrade all’ultima versione.



Information Lifecycle Management: Manage Exponential Data Growth

Exponential increases in data volumes are putting enterprise IT infrastructures under severe pressure – from a cost, performance, scalability and manageability perspective. Regulatory requirements are also changing how and why data is being retained, as many organizations are now required to retain and control much more information
for much longer periods. Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) is the practice of applying policies for the
effective management of information throughout its useful life.



   APRIL 08


Oracle Exadata X8M – New Features for OLTP Applications. PMEM Cache & PMEM Log

The Oracle Exadata Database Machine is engineered to deliver dramatically better performance, cost effectiveness, and availability for Oracle databases. The newest Oracle Exadata X8M features a modern cloud-enabled architecture with scale-out high-performance database servers, scale-out intelligent storage servers with state-of-the-art PCI flash, leading-edge storage cache using persistent memory, and cloud scale RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) internal fabric that connects all servers and storage.




Join ODTUG and Viscosity for a hands-on virtual class on Oracle Database 19c.

We have a limited number of user IDs available for the hands-on lab, so be sure to register quickly as a “Hands-On Participant” or for the HOL Waiting List.

Registration is unlimited for those interested in View and Listen only mode.



GUORS: MongoDB for Oracle DBAs/Developers

Faz tanto tempo que os bancos de dados relacionais dominam o mercado que em certo momento a expressão banco de dados virou sinônimo de bancos de dados relacionais. Esse tipo de tecnologia ainda domina o mercado, mas vem crescendo rapidamente o uso de diversas novas tecnologias de armazenamento de dados. Estes novos bancos de dados são chamados, genericamente, de bancos NoSQL, abreviatura da expressão “Not Only SQL”, ou seja, não apenas SQL (sendo SQL a linguagem padrão usada por quase todos os bancos relacionais).

Para muitos administradores de banco de dados e desenvolvedores, o uso de um banco de dados NoSQL ainda é uma novidade e muitos ainda estão se adaptando e aprendendo sobre as vantagens na utilização deste tipo de banco de dados.

Este evento irá cobrir uma visão geral sobre os recursos de MongoDB e comparativo de features relacionadas entre as duas tecnologias MongoDB x Oracle para ambas as áreas DBAs e Desenvolvedores.



   APRIL 09


DOAG Datenbank Online-Event: PostgreSQL als Resource auf der ODA

Wem kommt das bekannt vor? Die Datenbank läuft auf der neuen ODA und alles ist prima aber auf der ODA ist noch Platz und die CPU-Auslastung ist auch nicht allzu hoch. Und dann kommt die Idee! Man könnte doch, .. ja genau!

Warum bringen wir unsere PostgreSQL Datenbank nicht auf die ODA? Die Datenbank soll nicht von PostgreSQL nach Oracle migriert werden, nein, sie soll nativ auf der ODA als Ressource laufen!



   APRIL 10


Becas certificaciones internacionales 📢 DevOPS Certified Associate

DevOPS Certified Associate.

Obtenga una beca del 100% en el curso! solo paga el examen hasta con el 60% de descuento

Fecha sesión online en vivo:

Relaciono enlace de descarga del contenido temático de la certificación.



Gratuito- Simulado AZ-900: teste seus conhecimentos em Azure

Durante o mês de Fevereiro/2021 aconteceu no canal Coding Night uma série de lives cobrindo conceitos básicos de cloud computing, uma visão geral do Microsoft Azure, além de dicas para você que pretende realizar o exame de certificação AZ-900 – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals.

E decidimos agora dar continuidade a este projeto voltado àqueles que pretendem se certificar no exame AZ-900: um simulado ao vivo, online, gratuito e com emissão de certificado para aqueles que participarem desta iniciativa!