Weekly Events #17

Here is a summary of the EVENTS for this and next week!





Die DOAG 2021 Konferenz + Ausstellung findet vom 16. bis 18. November 2021 als moderierte Online-Konferenz statt. Der Ticketverkauf hat begonnen! Bei Buchungen bis zum 30. September sparen Sie mit unserem günstigen Early-Bird-Rabatt bares Geld!

Der Call for Papers ist geöffnet und läuft bis zum 7. Juli 2021. Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Einreichungen!
Das Vortragsprogramm veröffentlichen wir Anfang September.



Focusing on Your Employee Journey to Optimize the Experience

To stay in the competition for the best talent, companies must prioritize managing and delivering personalized, streamlined experiences for employees throughout their employee journey.

This commitment requires more than just alignment from business leadership. It requires a commitment to data-driven insights and outcomes for both employees and the business.

It also requires a deep understanding of the evolving HR tech landscape and the ability to choose the right HR technology for your organization.



Oracle Presents Exclusive Virtual Roundtable for Banking Leaders with Chris Skinner

Digital banking is quickly gaining dominance. Customer expectations are rapidly evolving, and Fintechs and major platform tech players are disrupting the industry by making better use of data to deliver superior financial services.

Join Chris Skinner, author and leading global Fintech influencer, in an interactive discussion with top Asia Pacific banking leaders to discuss their data strategies and explore how banks can put data at the heart of everything they do to create the Data Advantage.



Oracle Virtual Event: The Modern Data Warehouse


Data is a critical resource for every organisation, and maximising its value requires a modern approach to data management. In this briefing, we will cover the challenges customers face when trying to ingest, consolidate, catalogue, secure and analyse large amounts of data from multiple sources. We will talk about new cloud capabilities, such as autonomous and data science services, that are making it easier for organisations to manage and extract value from their data.



Oracle Cloud Cost Control & Budget Monitoring
In this weeks session we will show how best to manage the costs of cloud. We will show you some simple tips & tricks how to predict costs and monitor them. You will also see how to set limits on usage to ensure you stay within your budgets.



Oracle Communications Webinar for Bangladesh Network Operators (ICX/IGW/CSPs)


Join us for this impactful webinar where our Subject Matter Expert will share

  • Global Market Trends in All IP Communication
  • What Makes Good IP interconnect Network?
  • Salient Features of Oracle SIP Interconnect Solutions
  • Oracle Key References & Experience



   JULY 08


Live Developer Lab

Schema-flexibility is a big reason why JSON makes a lot of sense for application development. In the initial phase especially, an application is quite dynamic, new fields are needed, interfaces get changed, etc. Maintaining a relational schema is hard if application changes often need a change in the underlying tables and existing data needs to be modified to fit into the new schema. JSON makes this much easier as new documents may look different than your old ones.



Oracle Cloud Summer school

Maak kennis met de Next Generation Cloud

Of u nu een expert bent, of begint aan uw reis in de Cloud, deze zomer bieden we u een reeks gratis webinars die u kunnen helpen met uw reis in en naar de Cloud.
Tijdens de Cloud Summer School bieden we u de mogelijkheid om een exclusieve reis te maken naar de nieuwe Cloud. Het totale programma bestaat uit 5 sessies, ieder met als doel u vaardigheden en kennis in de cloud te geven, bij te werken en te valideren. Zo kunt u op het gebied van Cloud een sleutelfiguur worden voor uw organisatie.



Oracle MySQL Database Service Hands-on Workshop

MySQL Database Service (MDS), a fully managed database service is:

  • 100% developed and managed by the MySQL team
  • 100% built on MySQL Enterprise Edition
  • 100% compatible with Oracle technologies
  • 100% supported by the MySQL team



DevLab: Build the Perfect Digital Assistant

A skill is an individual chatbot that is focused on a specific set of capabilities (e.g. helping customers order food from a specific restaurant). A digital assistant is a master chatbot containing multiple specialized skills. When a user engages with the digital assistant, the digital assistant evaluates the user input and routes the conversation to the appropriate skill. You can populate your digital assistant with skills from the Skill Store and with skills you have designed yourself. Here’s the scenario for this lab:

You’re part of a project team building a digital assistant to allow your customers to better engage with the various businesses in a major shopping centre.



Modernisation & Innovation : le défi des infrastructures IT

Rejoignez-nous le 8 juillet à 11h pour découvrir comment Oracle vous accompagne dans la modernisation et la consolidation de vos infrastructures grâce à ces multiples innovations et ce, quelles que soient votre trajectoire : On-premise ou Hybrid Cloud.

Samuel Noblot
, Cloud Systems Director, Oracle France, présentera la vision et la stratégie d’Oracle.



Oracle Global Leaders Virtual Meeting

Gain from valuable real-life experience on Data Management solutions with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Analytics. Get best practice advice and latest product insight.During the event we will host Customers and Partners, including Co-op, MESTEC, NHS BSA, all sharing their insights in panels covering cloud architecture, autonomous technology, integration techniques and analytics. Oracle product management will also provide a product direction update within each segment. You can join for an individual segment within the event or stay online for the entire programme.



Formulate a Successful IaaS Strategy with the Highest Price-Performance Ratio

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is optimized for performance, flexibility, and cost in formulating a solid cloud strategy that empowers your business and drives digital transformation.

In this informative webinar, we will share how 8×8 and Cisco migrated their workloads to OCI. You’ll learn how 8×8 moved its video meeting services to OCI and experienced a 25% increase in performance and savings more than 80% in network egress cost. Likewise, learn how Cisco saves up to 90% on total cost of ownership with OCI.




   JULY 09
DOAG Database Online Event: Database Hardening with Standard Edition 2

Speaker: Marco Mischke, Robotron Database Software GmbH HA



Workshop Virtual: Desarrollando con JSON

Descubre de primera mano cómo trabajar con datos JSON en Oracle. En esta sesión práctica hablaremos de SODA (el API de estilo NoSQL de Oracle), de frameworks, de las ventajas de nuestro tipo nativo JSON, etcétera.

Tanto si estás empezando a desarrollar como si eres un experto, podrás probar de primera mano algunas de las ventajas que ofrece Oracle para tus desarrollos con JSON:

  • Aprovisionarás una base de datos Autónoma en segundos.
  • Crearás colecciones de documentos.
  • Conocerás algunas de las herramientas gratuitas para desarrolladores que Oracle pone a tu disposición.
  • Aprenderás a realizar el CRUD (creación, lectura, actualización y borrado) de documentos con el API SODA y los servicios REST disponibles sin tener que desarrollar nada.
  • Y una vez visto el “Hello world” de JSON, veremos cómo abordar los casos de uso del día a día: hacer mezcla de datos JSON y relacionales, establecer validaciones al formato de los documentos JSON, realizar actualizaciones parciales de documentos… ¡y mucho más!