Weekly Events #22

Here is a summary of the EVENTS for this and next week!




Live Cloud Coaching


Cloud Coaches are highly skilled developers, ready to assist you in your Oracle Cloud development journey. Cloud Coaching provides an opportunity for you to interface directly with experts and find additional help for your organization.Each session covers a different technology or topic. Along with seeing live demonstrations of the latest in upcoming releases and functionality, you will learn best practices and tips for success.

This month, learn how Oracle Management Cloud allows you to easily monitor all of your IT assets, quickly troubleshoot any issues, and then analyze your data over a longer period of time to spot trends.



Oracle Virtual Event: The Modern Data Warehouse
Data is a critical resource for every organisation, and maximising its value requires a modern approach to data management. In this briefing, we will cover the challenges customers face when trying to ingest, consolidate, catalogue, secure and analyse large amounts of data from multiple sources. We will talk about new cloud capabilities, such as autonomous and data science services, that are making it easier for organisations to manage and extract value from their data.USE CASE
At the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments, probe the fundamental structure of the universe. CERN is managing over 1 PB of historical data in an object storage data lake and the control systems at CERN generate a further 2.5TB of data per day that is loaded into Autonomous Data Warehouse. Learn how CERN use machine learning to analyse IoT sensor data and predict potential maintenance issues. You will also learn how the Modern Data Warehouse and automation enable CERN to manage this complex and growing project with a small team.



   AUGUST 11


The Evolution of Data Guard and Active Data Guard 21c: Features & Best Practices

Join this session to explore how Data Guard and Active Data Guard 21c have evolved over the past five years to understand better what features and best practices can be utilized with each version. The session will cover a technical deep dive of each of the new features, including the long-awaited Multitenant Data Guard feature that allows for the choice of PDB or CDB level failover.


Oracle Data Safe Workshop

Oracle Data Safe helps organizations to accelerate Cloud adoption, achieve data privacy and compliance by discovering, classifying, and masking sensitive data. It also helps organizations establish IT internal controls for their database infrastructure in the cloud. Audit information is consolidated from multiple sources and alerts/reports are generated to meet security and regulatory requirements.

Data Masking helps to anonymize personal data so that the data can be safely shared with the developers, testers, partners, and other third parties.

This Oracle technical workshop is FREE for Oracle System Integrator, ISV, VAR and Platform Partners. Learn directly from Oracle Database Product Management and discover the features of Data Safe and use them to manage security features in an Autonomous Database.



   AUGUST 12


Move and Improve Oracle Apps

Oracle offers an optimal platform for moving Oracle Apps and their associated databases to the cloud. In fact, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is purpose-built for enterprise with proven automation tools that expedite the transition to the cloud. Many businesses depending on their Oracle Apps unlimited solutions (E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edward Enterprise One , Siebel) , And / Or any other Applications workloads those are mission-critical applications that in need of leveraging the Cloud platform elasticity , scalability , reliability and security.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform provides performance levels designed to exceed on premises deployments, for apps and databases, while maintaining the security, governance and manageability enterprise workloads require. Minimal changes are required to move Oracle applications, reducing the cost and length of migration to the cloud. Only Oracle Cloud offers access to proven technologies like RAC, Autonomous DB, and Exadata Cloud Service enabling customers to take advantage of the latest hardware and technologies, thus improving database and application performance and results.



Oracle Cloud Summerschool

Whether you are an expert or starting your journey in the Cloud world, this summer we are offering you a series of free webinars in Dutch and English that can help you with your journey in and to the Oracle Cloud.

During the Oracle Cloud Summer School we offer you the opportunity to make an exclusive journey in to the new cloud. The Summer School consists of 5 sessions, each with the aim of giving you updates, skills and knowledge about working with the cloud. In this way you can become a key figure for your organization in the field of cloud.



   AUGUST 13


Oracle Zero Downtime Migration – for All Your Migration Needs

Introducing Oracle Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) 21c, the fully automated tool that leverages the best of Oracle’s high availability and scalability solutions to move your on-premises Oracle Databases to Oracle Cloud with no database downtime.

This session will cover the full range of features and functionality of Oracle ZDM in-depth, including a demo and background on how it was designed and built to meet all your migration needs.