GrepOra is a blog between friends to learn and share about our daily experiences and challenges with Oracle technologies.

We all work with Oracle by different ways: Database, Middleware, Integration and Application. Someday we realized we’re always having conversations and frequently about Oracle stuffs. So we decided to make a “grep” in these conversations to filter those are related to Oracle and share.
Then was born “GrepOra.com”.

Grepora is also our way to say “thanks” to community and return all learning we got through blogs and community agents.

Feel yourself welcome to follow, share and get in touch with us.
It’ll be great to be with you in every post!

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Cassiano, Dieison, Jackson, Maiquel, Matheus and Rafael.


Since June 6th 2016, GrepOra.com is recognized by OTN LA (Oracle Technology Network – Latin America) as a technical reference blog in Database Management and Performance category.

Since then, we have the follow logo in our right menu bar: