RMOUG: 2021 Summit

Virtual Training Days February 8 - 11, 2021 RMOUG Virtual Training Days RMOUG’s Training Days is the premier grass-roots user training event in the U.S., offering a variety of  technical and functional educational sessions over three days from world-renowned experts. It's known  throughout the country for relevant content and networking opportunities, all of which will continue at this  years' virtual event. For almost 30 years, Training Days has been hosted by RMOUG, an active, independent, nonprofit organization  striving to provide its members with instruction, guidance, and networking events throughout the year,  including a multi-page quarterly newsletter full of topical content


3-in-1: New Features for DBA’s in Oracle 18c/19c/21c(20c) – Part 2

Session Title : 3-in-1: New Features for DBA's in Oracle 18c/19c/21c(20c) - Part 2 Session Abstract: This session covers the most important and relevant 100 new features in the Oracle 18c, 19c & 21c (21c) database. Oracle DBA/Develops can take advantage of those new features. The list includes a wide variety of generic features, performance tuning related enhancements, touching multi-tenant improvements, some overhauled features, and as well as security posture features. Join this session and surely you will take away a lot and loads of new features in the latest release of the Oracle database Speaker BIO: Suresh Gandhi Senior