Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Workshop

Discover how Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud (ADW / ATP) is changing the industry. Using AI and machine learning, its self-driving, self-tuning, and self-repairing capabilities encapsulates the sophisticated functionality of the Oracle Database into a fully managed data warehouse & Transaction Processing in the cloud. You can gain better insights faster and easier, making this the ideal choice for business big and small. With just a few clicks, you can easily provision the ADWC and run queries immediately.  And if your workloads grow, simply scale up your ADWC, and within seconds, you have more power to run your workloads with zero

Extreme Scalability and Enhanced Resilience for Oracle Integration

Learn how Oracle Integration can scale to support the most demanding applications and discover what the future holds for performance and scalability in OIC. We will discuss a customer who reached 1m messages an hour and talk about how future enhancements will allow even higher throughput. We will also discuss how to meet business continuance requirements by using a customer managed DR solution and talk about existing high availability in  OIC. Speaker: Antony Reynolds Schedule: Tuesday February 23rd 16:30 – 17:30 CET (Berlin time)