Oracle Communications SD-WAN Boot Camp

This course introduces the key technical concepts of Oracle’s SD-WAN offering and equips attendees with the skills to configure and troubleshoot an Oracle SD-WAN global network. Essential elements of network, site, and quality of service configuration are demonstrated in detail alongside related monitoring and troubleshooting activities enabled by the SD-WAN appliance GUI. This course also provides best practice recommendations for efficient provisioning and maintenance of the SD-WAN configuration and network. Prerequisites To be approved for this training session you must pass the online test  Oracle Communications SD-WAN Solution Engineer Specialist (Oracle Partner Network - OPN - account required). Please refer to the

Reduce system complexity in Java with Data-Oriented programming

Traditionally in Java, we mix data and code in objects. While being beneficial in some cases, data encapsulation has a tendency towards systems with complex class hierarchies. Moreover, we introduce complex synchronization mechanisms to protect the state of our objects from being mutated or corrupted by other threads, making our code harder to maintain. Over the years many design patterns have been invented to work around this complexity. Data-Oriented programming is a programming paradigm that inherently reduces system complexity by drawing a clear separation between code and data, and representing data with generic immutable data structures. In this talk, we