Oracle Communications SD-WAN Boot Camp

This course introduces the key technical concepts of Oracle’s SD-WAN offering and equips attendees with the skills to configure and troubleshoot an Oracle SD-WAN global network. Essential elements of network, site, and quality of service configuration are demonstrated in detail alongside related monitoring and troubleshooting activities enabled by the SD-WAN appliance GUI. This course also provides best practice recommendations for efficient provisioning and maintenance of the SD-WAN configuration and network. Prerequisites To be approved for this training session you must pass the online test  Oracle Communications SD-WAN Solution Engineer Specialist (Oracle Partner Network - OPN - account required). Please refer to the

Oracle Exadata X8M – New Features for OLTP Applications. PMEM Cache & PMEM Log

The Oracle Exadata Database Machine is engineered to deliver dramatically better performance, cost effectiveness, and availability for Oracle databases. The newest Oracle Exadata X8M features a modern cloud-enabled architecture with scale-out high-performance database servers, scale-out intelligent storage servers with state-of-the-art PCI flash, leading-edge storage cache using persistent memory, and cloud scale RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) internal fabric that connects all servers and storage. This event will be delivered in Russian. Topics Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Sales Specialist / Solution Engineer Specialist Oracle Exadata Database Machine overview Oracle Exadata X8M as the world's fastest Database Machine Exadata X8M hardware changes overview


Join ODTUG and Viscosity for a hands-on virtual class on Oracle Database 19c. We have a limited number of user IDs available for the hands-on lab, so be sure to register quickly as a "Hands-On Participant" or for the HOL Waiting List. Registration is unlimited for those interested in View and Listen only mode. DATA GUARD: BEST PRACTICES and 19c NEW FEATURES Data Guard Lecture: Learn how you can setup Data Guard with all the best practices. Attendees will receive a brief history of Data Guard and how it became Data Guard. Then, dive directly into new features in Oracle

GUORS: MongoDB for Oracle DBAs/Developers

Apresentação 1) Sobre a palestra Faz tanto tempo que os bancos de dados relacionais dominam o mercado que em certo momento a expressão banco de dados virou sinônimo de bancos de dados relacionais. Esse tipo de tecnologia ainda domina o mercado, mas vem crescendo rapidamente o uso de diversas novas tecnologias de armazenamento de dados. Estes novos bancos de dados são chamados, genericamente, de bancos NoSQL, abreviatura da expressão “Not Only SQL”, ou seja, não apenas SQL (sendo SQL a linguagem padrão usada por quase todos os bancos relacionais). Para muitos administradores de banco de dados e desenvolvedores, o uso de