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TDWC21 – A Maior Conferência Online de Transformação Digital do Mundo!

Para construir o futuro não basta a adaptação. Você precisa subverter padrões e entender a nova visão do mundo. Aprenda a colocar a transformação digital em prática em uma das experiências mais disputadas de 2021. O novo mundo é híbrido! A pandemia desafiou as premissas da sociedade. Agora, os seres humanos querem voltar à socialização. A tecnologia nos ensinou que os encontros podem ser físicos e digitais. Não é mais preciso fazer uma escolha. Na TDWC, você vai ver na prática a revolução das relações humanas através da tecnologia. Seja bem-vindo à transformação digital!

Getting Started with Oracle Cloud

In this live demo, we will get you started on your journey with OCI. We will show the scalability and flexibility of Oracle Cloud Services, how to access & navigate the console, find the many benefits of the large suite of services and the best way to deploy them. Finally, we will also demonstrate how to add users and give them specific roles through policies, how to monitor usage and how to work with My Oracle Support.


TDC is the most important event of IT professionals in Latin America. Over the past 12 yeras we connected communities, meetups, specialists and lots of content on a single plataform of open inovattion. Come with us and sign up!

Cloud Applications My Services Webinar

Oracle CS ConnectX: My Services Webinar We invite you to attend a LIVE webinar to get started with your Oracle Cloud Applications. This is a perfect start to your Cloud journey where you will learn about:- Overview of the New Admin console Get started with your services Know your dashboards Understand various Self Service options Invitation to this Webinar is through Registration only, click on Register Today button to confirm your Registration and receive Webinar joining details.

Securing your mission critical systems running Oracle from cyber attacks by Trichy Premkumar

Until recently, organizations have focused on trying to prevent cyberattacks, which come primarily from hacking and malware. However, the likelihood that all malware will be discovered before harm is done is slim, particularly for slow-moving and sophisticated attacks. This difficulty of detecting malware early gives hackers time to orchestrate attacks ranging from extortion to outright destruction of mission-critical systems. Such cyberattacks can cripple an organization, leading to revenue loss, negative publicity, and lasting customer distrust. In this session we will review how Oracle data protection can be simplified, secured and enhanced to include comprehensive cyber recovery protection.

High Performance Computing Solutions on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for the Oil & Gas Industry

Exclusive for the Oil & Gas Industry The majority of high performance computing systems still run on-premises in customer managed data centers with high capital costs. Cloud-based options have historically been limited, as early cloud-based HPC services relied on extremely expensive flash memory and heavy cache architectures that supported narrow use cases. By contrast, Oracle Cloud now delivers a commercially viable, cost-effective HPC platform that can be used across industries, enterprises, and governments. The platform delivers performance levels that rival on-premises solutions - but with cloud economics, on-demand availability, and scale that can support jobs running tens of thousands of

Oracle RDBMS x NoSQL: 101 for DBAs

  A partir da perspectica de um DBA: Quais as vantagens do NoSQL em comparação com os bancos de dados clássicos? E como integrar estruturas de dados tradicionais com as novas flexívies estruturas NoSQL?