Oracle Communications Session Border Controller Basic Boot Camp

The goal of this implementation boot camp is to educate and make Oracle Partners aware of Oracle Communications Session Border Controller basic installation and configuration concepts. After taking this course, Oracle Partners should be enabled to bid for SBC projects with a degree of confidence as far as the installation and configuration is concerned. What we will cover This Boot Camp provides an overview of the features and functions of the Oracle Communications Session Border Controller (SBC) and an introduction to the installation and configuration concepts. It focuses on SBC platform, designed to protect, centralize, manage, route and enhance the

Enterprise Application Migration to Oracle Cloud

Give your IT department the performance, price, and security advantages it needs to confidently support your organization’s goals. Experience performance that exceeds most on-premises computing environments when you move your applications and workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The migration of enterprise and mission critical applications to the Cloud represents a huge opportunity for companies, allowing the renewal of technologies and solving security and integration issues . Seizing this opportunity is also a challenge, as it is often necessary to review the architecture of the applications in order to adapt it to the technologies available in the Cloud. In this workshop

Diagnosing Oracle RAC Performance Issues using AWR reports

This session will focus on using AWR reports to tune OLTP and DSS workloads running on Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) both on generic systems and Exadata. This includes hints and tips to focus on relevant sections of the AWR report to quickly understand the root cause of the problem. Further, we will review AWR reports of some interesting real-world performance issues reported by customers and the diagnostics involved in resolving them Speaker BIO: Anil Nair Sr Principal Product Manager (RAC), Oracle USA Anil Nair is the Product Manager for Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC). Oracle RAC is a cluster