Oracle PartnerCast: OCI Compute Preemptible Instances

Discover the new billing model for Preemptible instances offered for existing Compute shapes, which offer the same hardware as on-demand instances with a 50% discount. Join the session to learn these key takeaways: Preemptible instances are available on X7 Standard and E3 Flex with support for the X9, E4, and A1 instances Preemptible instances offer a cost-effective solution for fault-tolerant workloads, and are a direct compete with AWS/Azure Spot and GCP Preemptible instances

Oracle Africa Public Sector Summit

Accelerating Innovation in Government For more than 40 years, Oracle has helped public sector organizations around the world securely manage data, solve business challenges, and connect citizens and employees. Oracle enables agencies to redefine innovation with enterprise-ready technology solutions—integrated services that allow organizations to build, deploy, and manage their business seamlessly, in the cloud or on premises. Join our transformational roundtable where we will discuss how Oracle is helping the public sector stay on top of data security threats, future-proof legacy systems, and deliver a smarter, more connected, and secure government.

OSPA Session : Oracle Cloud Analytics for Business – Data Visualization Workshop

Oracle Business Analytics Cloud Platform empowers customers with relevant, actionable insights from data across applications, data warehouses, and data lakes. Operate more efficiently and make better decisions through actionable insights by blending any data in any environment on any device. Oracle has decided to spread the business analytics cloud capabilities to customers requiring on-premises deployments. Organizations can now take advantage of governed, self-service and augmented analytics and world-class data discovery capabilities. Oracle Analytics Cloud enables customers in highly regulated industries or with multi-cloud architectures to experience the latest analytics capabilities on their own terms and preferred deployment architecture. This Partner Workshop

Smalltalk for Oracle enthusiasts

Let's talk about anything related to Oracle technology, your interests, plans... Search for the Oracle book on the desk, preferrably outside.