Oracle CS ConnectX : Tools Overview

Oracle CS ConnectX: Tools Overview You are invited for an exclusive Oracle CS ConnectX Tools Overview webinar. Success Hub has an excellent selection of cloud product related documents and articles that you can easily search through in our Knowledge-Base. Also enable yourself and leverage the best of MOS. Join us in the Online Masterclass to start successful planning of your Cloud journey with Oracle Cloud Applications. Key takeaways of the session: Get started with Success Hub Portal Know the Platforms to plan your success Working with Oracle Support, Escalation, Best Practices Learn with Launch Pad and Oracle University Collaborate through

Secure the Best of Both Worlds with Oracle Cloud

OPEX & Modernization The promise of public cloud technology is that it enables enterprises to improve productivity, innovate faster, and preserve hard CAPEX funds. However, firms in many industries such as healthcare, public sector, and financial services have had serious reservations about migrating to the public cloud because of potential security risks and regulatory barriers. Now companies no longer have to choose between embracing agility and managing these risks with Oracle’s Cloud at Customer service. A recent survey conducted by IDC on the impact of Covid-19 pandemic for the industry, revealed that the dependency of modern organizations on technology cannot