Die DOAG Konferenz + Ausstellung ist die führende Konferenz mit Fokus auf die Technologien von Oracle im deutschsprachigen Raum. Mit ihrer langjährigen Tradition und ihrem tiefen Verständnis für moderne Informationstechnologie unterstützt sie die Teilnehmenden dabei, ihren Beruf in unserer agilen Welt erfolgreich zu meistern. Für einen optimalen Erfahrungsaustausch behandelt die Weiterbildungsplattform deshalb auch verwandte Technologien, Open-Source, aktuelle Trends und Methoden sowie Soft Skills. Freuen Sie sich auf ein einzigartiges Online-Erlebnis mit hochkarätigen Vorträgen in acht parallelen Tracks zu den vier Hauptthemenbereichen "Database & Infrastructure", "Development & Middleware", "Data Analytics & KI" sowie "Strategie & Innovation". Ein besonderer Fokus liegt zudem

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Basic Workshop

Oracle set an ambitious goal in building its second-generation cloud infrastructure: to create an infrastructure that matches and surpasses the performance, control and governance of enterprise datacenters, while delivering the scale, elasticity, and cost-savings of public clouds. The result, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, is built from the ground up to be an Enterprise Cloud, equally capable of running traditional multi-tiered enterprise applications, high-performance workloads, and modern serverless and container-based architectures. Gain foundational knowledge of OCI services. Agenda: Core Infrastructure: Explore Level 100 training content on OCI core infrastructure services Database: Explore level 100 training content on OCI Dababase services Solutions, Platform

Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Webcast Series

GraalVM Enterprise 21.3 set a new standard for microservices. An ideal Java microservice would be "instant on" with lightning fast startup and immediate peak performance without warmup, while minimizing resource consumption to keep costs down. In GraalVM Enterprise 21.3, Native Image ahead-of-time compiled executables provide all these key features and deliver new levels of performance on par with JIT compiled applications running on the JVM. In this 30 minute webcast, we will show how: Improvements to profile-guided optimization and garbage collection are enabling ahead-of-time compiled application performance on par with OpenJDK Ahead-of-time compiled application can start fast, handling requests immediately

Live Workshop: Oracle Cloud Native Development.

Join us in this 2 hour live demonstration where will explain basic Kubernetes concepts using a live cluster, show you the process for setting up basic common Kubernetes services (Dashboard and ingress controller) using the Kubernetes software installation tool Helm, and then walk you through the stages of setting up some example microservices along with their supporting elements such as configuration. We will look at how Kubernetes can support highly available and scalable systems even during an upgrade. Following this introduction to Kubernetes we will look at how to use the open source based management technologies of Verrazzano for advanced