Upgrade to Oracle Database 19c and Ensure Performance Stability

Every customer needs to upgrade to Oracle Database 19c, especially since all previous Oracle Database releases are either already out of any bug fixing support or just a few months away from it. With Oracle AutoUpgrade, database upgrades have never been easier. AutoUpgrade allows you to run your upgrades unattended, in parallel and does not require extra work. AutoUpgrade will even automate your potential move to the CDB architecture, especially as you can have 3 user-created PDBs since Oracle 19c without Multitenant license. But we all know that the crucial part is not the upgrade itself but to ensure performance

Oracle Virtual Event: The Modern Data Warehouse

Unlock the value in data with Oracle’s Modern Data Warehouse Data is a critical resource for every organisation, and maximising its value requires a modern approach to data management. In this briefing, we will cover the challenges customers face when trying to ingest, consolidate, catalogue, secure and analyse large amounts of data from multiple sources. We will talk about new cloud capabilities, such as autonomous and data science services, that are making it easier for organisations to manage and extract value from their data. USE CASE At the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the world's largest and most complex