The world in which IT professionals dwell is super competitive and is constantly changing. No one person possesses all the skills to do it alone. In order to be a successful IT professional for the long run, one needs to master the essential skills of partnering, teaming, and collaborating with organizational professionals from a myriad of technical and non-technical worlds and across the generational divide. Learn the secrets of successfully working with others from a veteran IT professional, who started as a Tech-Intern, and who eventually became the President of OATUG. Learning Objectives: 1: Learn the power of trust and

Oracle Database Security: Transparent Data Encryption & Oracle Key Vault Workshop

We would like to invite you to “Oracle Database Security: Transparent Data Encryption & Oracle Key Vault Workshop” on the 25th January 2022. Learn directly from Product Management how to resist cyber-attacks, network hijacking and data theft using the encryption features of the Oracle Database. Understand how to configure Native Network Encryption and Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) according to best practices and how to manage the Master Encryption Keys in local keystores or in Oracle Key Vault (OKV). Oracle Key Vault enables you to accelerate security and encryption deployments by centrally managing encryption keys, Oracle wallets, Java keystores, and credential

Why Choose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for VMware Workloads

Enterprises are under pressure to modernize their existing VMware workloads and extend application portfolios. Changes to these types of platforms typically require alterations in systems and application architecture, unplanned updates to operating systems and databases, and changes to long standing operational practices—all of which adds to risk and cost. Whether you already decided to move to cloud for all / most of your workloads, OR You need Expansion of your VMware environment to facilitate more workloads, OR You just want Disaster Recovery (DR) solution for your existing environment but do not want a second own datacenter Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

How to Monetize With Oracle Database Appliance

Dear Valued Partner, We would like to invite you to How to Monetize With Oracle Database Appliance on the 25th of January, 2022. Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) has been enormously popular with Customers, Partners and ISV’s deploying Oracle Database in a variety of use cases, including production deployments as a centralized or branch office database solution, as test and development environments, and as all-in-one ISV solutions containing both applications and databases. We are happy to invite our Strategic Partners and Independent Software Resellers to participate in the Oracle Database Appliance Enablement Session.