Today’s IT professionals need a fully featured, yet simple solution to manage OCI workloads along with their full data estate, in line with their cloud strategy. And the need to modernize apps and further cloud development initiatives makes protecting that data even more paramount. Join us for an informative webinar with Michael Tschirret, Senior Product Marketing Manager and Brad Kirby, Senior Director, Product Management where we will discuss Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) for Oracle workloads. We’ll cover use cases for hybrid cloud, to include VMs, K8s, object storage, and databases. Finally, we’ll demonstrate how Metallic’s SaaS-delivered data protection and management can protect

Enterprise Chatbots for Oracle Databases: SQL Dialog in Oracle Digital Assistant

SQL Dialog adds a conversational layer on top a database! SQL-Dialogs allows users to speak to their databases in natural language to build Enterprise Chatbots. Oracle Digital Assistant’s new SQL Dialog, allow us to translate a user's natural language into SQL queries, to fetch data from a database directly to the user. SQL Dialog adds a quick conversational layer on top of DB-based applications without having to create individual intents for each query. Speakers: Daniel Teixeira & Jürgen Kress Schedule: January 31st 2023 16:30-17:30 CET (Berlin time)