How To Quickly Set Up Your AWR Analysis To Highlight Your Best Solutions

Life is good, until the phone rings and it’s a performance issue. Most DBAs will immediately run an AWR or Statspack report. Usually, that’s a good start. But there is bad news. Most DBAs will also either stare at the report and freeze, start paging through looking for something, or post the report on a forum. Neither of these solutions is a career enhancing maneuver. Here’s the good news. In this presentation, I will teach you how to take an AWR report or a Statspack Report, extract only the information you need, build a diagnostic framework to expose the biggest

Oracle Cloud Observability & Management Platform Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Service

Oracle provides visibility and machine learning-driven actionable insights to ease management across all layers of the stack deployed on any technology, anywhere. A top priority today is increasing automation to drive scale and predictable results. Oracle’s integrated functionality and automation for DevOps monitoring and IT operations management makes it easier to prevent and solve IT problems. Start today and improve IT efficiency, identify code level performance issues faster, and reduce IT complexity. This workshop is focusing on the OCI Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Service. APM provides observability capabilities for end-to-end visibility and diagnosis across the entire IT environment. It is

Welcome to Your Oracle Cloud journey

Welcome to Your Oracle Cloud journey Join this session to learn everything you need to know about your Oracle Cloud journey and provisioning your account. After this webinar, you will have at hand an immediate action list for a good start with your Cloud solution as well some useful tips & tricks, such as how to add contacts for Notifications and backup administrators. Also, we estimate you'll spend 20% less time in finding out how to provision your services, create instances, manage updates and work with Support team.

Introduction to the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Discover what the Oracle Cloud VMware Service (OCVS) is and the use cases of the service: when it is applicable and when proposing native OCI, how and why to connect to the other OCI resources as Oracle Database Cloud Service. Using VMware Farm created into OCI, Partners can easily help the Customer to enlarge their server Farm, creating a backup environment or moving their entire data center into OCI Data Center without changing their application and using their VMware knowledge. You can learn what is possible to do with OCVS and gain better insights faster and easier, making this the


Are your resources spending valuable time with daily data entry and validations? Are you struggling to manage mass changes to Master Data? Are you looking for a scalable customizable solution to solve your data standardization, cleansing and migration solution? Oracle customers are tired of using multiple tools and spending so much time and effort to get business data in and out of Oracle E-Business Suite and Cloud Apps (Fusion). The typical data entry options business users are often presented with are slow and time consuming, prone to manual data entry errors, require babysitting and often require IT assistance.In this presentation,



Calling all time zones far from the USA—this is for you! Register for our round-the-world webinar presentation by Oracle’s Dr. Nadia Bendjedou, Vice President of Product Strategy, April 15, 2022, hosted live by OATUG Japan at 3:30 PM Tokyo Time. Nadia will update you on Oracle roadmaps and upgrade timelines that can help you plan and make the very best of your Oracle EBS functionality, including when moving to OCI. The intro will be in Japanese, but Nadia’s portion is all in English!


Are you a PostgreSQL user or developer or does your company use PostgreSQL? We are happy to hear about your project, your experiences (good and bad), your preferred extensions or any topic of interest around PostgreSQL that grabbed your attention. It is easy to participate A session lasts 50 minutes including questions. Tell us about your proposal. A title and an abstract of about 1500 characters. A short text about you and your relation to PostgreSQL. A picture of yourself. Please indicate the language of your talk (English or German). You may submit the same talk in both languages if

Next Level PL/SQL – Live Code Review!

Writing software is an art, a science, and always, always a work in progress. We learn how to write better code by learning about new features, but also by reviewing and finding ways to improve code already written. In this session, Steven will review code he and others at Insum Solutions have written, exploring techniques and the balancing acts we often have to perform to reach our objective: making our users happy! — Presented by Steven Feuerstein Steven Feuerstein is an expert on the Oracle PL/SQL language, having written ten books on PL/SQL, including Oracle PL/SQL Programming and Oracle PL/SQL

Os Negócios, a Governança e o Cyber Security no mundo Phygital…

Painelistas: Emerson Kuze, Cofundador e Conselheiro da IKS Tech; Sócio-Fundador da Leev Business Advisors; Investidor e Mentor de Startups da WOW Aceleradora. Iniciou a carreira aos 13 anos de idade no negócio da família do ramo Supermercadista. Atuou em Instituições Financeiras, migrando posteriormente para Auditoria e Consultoria, prestando serviços para empresas de diversos segmentos. Trabalhou por mais de 21 anos na Lojas Renner, acumulando experiências em várias áreas, projetos e iniciativas, e nos últimos 7 anos estando à frente da Diretora de Tecnologia e Gestão (CIO etc.). Bacharel em Ciências Contábeis pela PUC-RS. Mestre em Gestão Estratégica de TI e


Come and learn about a brilliant new Oracle Cloud Maintenance Management Solution. Imagine what you could do with an all Oracle out-of-the-box solution that checked all your boxes—all of them! This innovative solution leverages the best functionality from the Oracle Cloud modules. Here’s how we’ve built the Ultimate Maintenance Solution: Cloud Maintenance, Inventory, Product Management and Cost Management modules contribute foundational functionality. B2B Service shines by providing an unparalleled user interface and customer experience. Oracle Field Service Cloud for the FIRST TIME EVER brings an OOTB Oracle Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Mobile Execution solution. You must see this functionality to


Connect Oracle SaaS (ERP, HCM, CX) Discover Financial Services

Discover Financial Services – best practices & lessons learned Learn how leading brands benefit from Oracle Integration as the foundation for digital business. Accelerate your multicloud modernization with prebuilt connectivity to any SaaS, on-premises, and custom applications. Jump-start your Oracle ERP, HCM, and CX projects with embedded best-practice integrations, easy-to-use recipes, and business accelerators. Join Accenture’s Mani Choudhary and Amit Singh, with Discover’s Mark Ames, Director Financial Services IT, to learn how Accenture’s prebuilt Oracle Cloud assets can immediately deliver value for your ERP and HCM projects. In this webinar you will learn: How prebuilt integrations with connectors can speed

CFP CLOSING – PostgresLondon

London London

This year we are aiming for two tracks so are hoping for more proposals than ever before! The talk selection committee will review all proposals and confirm speakers by 22nd April 2022. If you have any queries, please contact the organisers at



Call for Papers: Teilen Sie Ihr Wissen mit der Community und werden Sie Referent der DOAG 2022 Konferenz + Ausstellung, indem Sie Ihren Vortragsabstract bis zum 28. April 2022 einreichen.   Ihre Einreichung Wir suchen Vorträge mit einer Länge von 40 Minuten. Ob Erfahrungs- und Projektberichte, Tipps und Tricks, neue Features oder Best Practices – unsere Jahreskonferenz bietet Ihnen eine große Themenvielfalt! Eine detaillierte Liste aller relevanten Themenbereiche finden Sie hier. Außerdem sind wir auf der Suche nach Referenten, die in unseren Sessions für Einsteiger technisch komplexe Inhalte einfach aufbereiten und verständlich vermitteln.


Customers that run Oracle E-Business Suite and want to gain the benefits of a more flexible solution in the cloud have many choices. The extension of E-Business Suite Premier Support to 2032 and beyond gives customers more options than simply reimplementing on Oracle’s Fusion Cloud Applications. In this 60-minute webinar, attendees will see an overview of the options available to migrate E-Business Suite to cloud, the pros and cons of each, and how customers can achieve business benefits during the process with minimal expense. You'll hear tips for the architecture and migration, as well as outline the numerous capability advantages

Is your Oracle Cloud Data Secure in BI Publisher?

Developers require a SQL tool to query data from Oracle Cloud. Most organizations use out-of-the-box BI Publisher functionality to query data using the data model. However, this can expose your HR data and PII information to developers. Learn how SQLConnect can help query in BI Publisher while improving your productivity by up to 60%.


Understanding the status of your supply chain is vitally important. Whether it’s the ability to measure supplier performance and resolve shortages, reduce excess stock or optimize customer service levels, you need access to real-time information when needs arise. To minimize disruptions to your production plans, you need visibility into available finished goods to meet changing order demand. And when suppliers inform you of material delays, you need to quickly evaluate your open orders to maximize fulfillment. To get answers to your critical questions quickly and easily, you need an environment that makes this complex information easily consumable.oatug

AOUG Anwenderkonferenz 2022


After this long period of online events we want to put the upcoming AOUG User Conference 2022 (18. - 19. May, Conference Day 19th of May) under the motto "Back to live"! The event will be a hybrid event, i.e. you can either give your presentation live on our stage or via the online video feed into our event hall. Both are possible and we are already looking forward to your participation and presentations.

Live SQL Coding Challenge

Have you been unable to answer a SQL interview question? Or unsure how to turn business requirements – e.g. “Find the two highest-paid employees in each department” – into SQL queries? This session will show you how to turn these questions into SQL. Chris will take your “business requirements” based on the sample HR schema in this live, interactive SQL coding challenge. He’ll then write SQL to answer them in real-time. Join the fun and learn the process of writing SQL.


Can you imagine the functionality of Oracle E-Business Suite combined with the efficiency, speed and data quality of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) working together? Discover how these two solutions can resolve typical ERP challenges, saving hundreds of hours on repetitive, time consuming transactions while also improving data integrity. RPA working with Oracle E-Business can help customers address increased demand without adding headcount, and also eliminate the teams having to work late nights or weekends. Hear the Executive Vice President and CIO of a market leading automotive company explain how he has automated a number of different “critical path” uses cases