Before Disaster Strikes Architect Seminar Series

Achieving resiliency in your business continuity strategy Oracle invites you to a virtual seminar and panel discussion focused on mitigating risks in the uncertain times we live in today. Natural disasters, system failures, operator error, and malicious hackers are causing serious damage to organizations without a well-planned high availability and disaster recovery strategy. Those consequences include lost revenue, diminished customer satisfaction, regulatory fines, lost data, and ransomware payments to name a few. Learn how BIAS, a leading IT solutions provider and award-winning Oracle partner, has designed and implemented high availability, disaster recovery and security strategies for some of the world’s

Oracle Communications Session Border Controller Troubleshooting Boot Camp

This training will prepare participants to take and pass the Oracle Communications Session Border Controller Troubleshooting 2017 Implementation Essentials Exam (1Z1-954). See boot camp detailed agenda. What we will cover This Boot Camp is designed for Tier-1 and Tier-2 technical support professionals. You will learn how to effectively troubleshoot problems with SIP call flows through the Oracle Communication SBCs series. By enrolling in this boot camp, you'll get a chance to deep dive into call flows through the Oracle Communication Session border Controller (SBC) series configuration. By learning through a combination of interactive instruction, discussion and hands-on labs, you'll solidify your learning so

Spring Tech Summit.

In 2020 our first Technology Summit paved the way for UKOUG's virtual event programme. This spring we will be back giving you high level Oracle content from across the globe. Stay connected no matter where in the world you are.

Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud Implementation Workshop

Note that seats are limited and priority will be given to EMEA Partners focusing to Oracle EPM Enterprise Cloud Service Track Expertise. Registrations will be closed as soon as the Event is full. Oracle is pleased to invite you to attend an Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud Implementation workshop. In this workshop, you will gain a broad understanding and learn to demonstrate and implement the most common business flows and best practices of Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud. This introductory hands-on, expert-led workshop is intended for consultants who are familiar with the key concepts associated with deploying enterprise class software. This workshop

Oracle Account Reconciliation Implementation Workshop

Note that seats are limited and priority will be given to EMEA Partners focusing to Oracle EPM Enterprise Cloud Service Track Expertise. Registrations will be closed as soon as the Event is full. Oracle is pleased to invite you to attend an introductory hands-on workshop for Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud (ARCS). In this workshop, you will discover how to use Account Reconciliation Cloud to help streamline close processes and deliver insight about the real-time status of account reconciliations. Discover how to keep track of preparer and approver assignments. Understand how workflow support for the account reconciliation process provides monitoring, reporting

Oracle Integration Cloud Workshop

Il rapido passaggio da applicazioni on-premise a un mix ibrido di Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (Paas) e applicazioni on-premise ha introdotto grandi sfide per le aziende che tentano di semplificare l'integrazione di applicazioni aziendali. Una volta che le aziende iniziano a utilizzare applicazioni sia su cloud che on premise, spesso risulta necessario integrarsi con le applicazioni esistenti. Prima di Oracle Cloud Integration Service, le piattaforme di integrazione erano troppo complicate per includere facilmente tutti gli utenti di applicazioni della linea di business, risultando un tentativo di integrazione costoso, dispendioso in termini di tempo e soggetto

How to Simplify and Automate Data Protection of Oracle Environments

It is paramount to protect and secure your companies most valuable asset: your Oracle databases! Oracle Database Administrators often spend most of their time and resources dealing with multiple products, features—not to mention—complexity. Explore how you can simplify, and cost effectively automate, data protection. Learn how to create frequent backups, and test failover and failback of critical databases and applications to or from DR site (in cloud or on-premises). See how to meet RPO and RTO=0 objectives and burst to cloud for test and development. ​ Presented by Ebin Kadavy, Technical Marketing Engineer, NetApp

Oracle 21c: New Features and Enhancements of Data Pump / TTS

At the end of the year 2020, Oracle released 21c on its Cloud infrastructure. The on-premises version will follow later this year. As with every new Oracle version, the Data Pump utility gets new features or enhancements for existing features. This presentation gives an overview of the enhancements of Data Pump and Transportable Tablespaces. The following list is an excerpt of the points I will talk about Simultaneous use of EXCLUDE and INCLUDE Parallelized import of metadata during a TTS import operation Checksum support for dump files Direct access to Oracle Cloud Object Store for exports and imports

DOAG DAC Online-Event: Oracle Analytics Cloud – von Self-Service Datenvisualisierung bis Machine Learning

In der Session wird gezeigt welche Funktionen das aktuelle Release der Oracle Analytics Cloud im Bereich Self-Service Datenvisualisierung, Datenaufbereitung und Machine Learning bietet. Anhand eines Demo-Beispiels wird Schritt für Schritt erklärt wie die Datenaufbereitung von der Quelle bis zum Dashboard erfolgt, welche Visualisierungsmöglichkeiten bestehen und wie leicht Machine Learning Modelle aus der Oracle Autonomous Database ohne Programmierung in die Analyse integriert werden können.

Oracle PartnerCast: OCI fundamentals and how they are mapped to Google Cloud Platform

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has ~100 services and it can be difficult for architects to identify how services map between OCI and other cloud vendors. In this session, you will learn Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) fundamentals and its mapping to Google Cloud Platform services. We’ll cover key concepts, core service comparisons including identity, compute, storage, networking and databases and OCI differentiators. After this session, you will get a good understanding of OCI services and how to map architectures from GCP to OCI. Our featured guest is Rohit Rahi, Senior Director, OCI Competitive Intelligence team. This Oracle infrastructure and AWS session will cover:

MOTU: Reactive Applications

MOTU: Reactive Applications 👉 Link: 🕛 Quando: 12h do dia 22 de Abril, Quinta Feira! 🕛 ✓ Tema: Aplicações reativas no Java: quando, como e porquê! 👨‍💻👩‍💻💭 Experts da Semana Nesta edição do nosso papo deep dive vamos conversar com ▪️ Edson Yanaga (Twitter: @yanaga) ▪️ Karina Varela ( Twitter: @kvarel4 ) ▪️ Otávio Santana ( Twitter: @otaviojava )

Azure Weekend 2021: online e totalmente gratuito!

Gostaria de conhecer mais sobre o Azure e os diversos serviços oferecidos pela plataforma de cloud computing da Microsoft? Não deixe então de acompanhar a primeira edição do Azure Weekend em 2021, um EVENTO ONLINE e GRATUITO do canal Coding Night e das comunidades .NET SP, Azure Talks e Campinas .NET! Quando: 24/04/2021 (sábado) a partir das 14:00 - horário de Brasília Convide também amigas, amigos e colegas de trabalho! Apresentações já previstas: * .NET 5 + Azure Functions em exemplos práticos - Renato Groffe (Microsoft MVP, MTAC) * Utilizando Azure Batch em Linux - Walter Coan (Microsoft MVP) **



Beschreibung Thema: Dieser Workshop richtet sich speziell an Oracle DBAs, die zusätzlich auch PostgreSQL Datenbanken betreuen sollen. Die Voraussetzung ist ein fundiertes Wissen über die Oracle Datenbanken - von Begriffen wie Tablespace, Schema, Instanz bis hin zu Backup und Recovery. Bei vielen Erklärungen werden Vergleiche mir den entsprechenden Funktionen/Strukuren von Oracle genutzt, was einem Oracle DBA das verstehen deutlich erleichtern sollte. Zielgruppe: Der Fokus liegt auf Oracle DBAs. Architekten und Entwickler mit grundlegenden Oracle-Datenbank-Architektur-Know-How sind ebenfalls willkommen. Vorkenntnisse: Grundlegendes Know-How über Oracle-Datenbanken (Architektur, Schema, Security, Administration) sowie Linux. Welche Fähigkeiten erlangen die Teilnehmer? Grundlegende Administrationskenntnisse für PostgreSQL 11,12,13 Datenbanken. Weitere

Building a cloud-friendly application – Jakarta Tech Talks

Larry Garfield ( presents: The days of hand-crafted artisanal servers are long over. Modern web applications need to be able to run on many different servers without code changes. Not just different hosting providers, but different environments on the same hosting provider. Whether you’re using a legacy dev/stage/prod setup or a modern branch-is-environment host, modern hosting imposes some requirements on your application design but also offers a huge potential for new and powerful tools. In this webinar, we’ll explore some key guidelines for building a cloud-friendly application, as well as look at some architectural options that a modern hosting platform

Microsserviços + Azure Event Hubs

Vivemos em uma época em que dados são extremamente importantes para qualquer negócio... Mas não adianta nada termos os dados, se não conseguimos entendê-los. Venha então conosco neste evento ONLINE e GRATUITO do Azure na Prática (live #19) e conheça uma maneira super prática de utilizar o Event Hub no Azure na manipulação de dados em uma arquitetura de microsserviços! Palestrantes: - Thaise Medeiros (Microsoft MVP) - Vanessa Valle (Microsoft MVP) Quando: 27/04/2021 (terça) a partir das 21:00 - horário de Brasília Confirme sua participação através do link: Para saber mais sobre o Azure na Prática e seus treinamentos

Oracle Narrative Reporting Cloud Certification Readiness Workshop

Note that seats are limited and priority will be given to EMEA Partners focusing to Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud Service Track Expertise. Registrations will be closed as soon as the Event is full. Oracle is pleased to invite you to attend an Oracle Narrative Reporting (EPRCS) Certification Readiness Workshop. Gain an in-depth understanding of the Oracle Narrative Reporting 2020 Implementation Specialist certification process and the various areas of the system that will be tested as part of the Implementation Essentials Certification Exam (1Z0-1083-20). Explore key system functionality and terminology that you will need to know to become a certified

Cassandra 4.0 World Party

Apache Cassandra™ runs some of the biggest workloads around the world. Join our virtual, one-day celebration on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 in preparation for the launch of 4.0, the most stable database release ever shipped. Fun, fast-paced talks from our global community will keep you entertained around the clock. Who? Anyone around the world! If you use and/or contribute to Cassandra, join us to meet others from the global community, learn, share, and celebrate. When? The one-day event will include three sessions so you can celebrate with the Cassandra community in your time zone or attend all three! - April


Hexaware leverages its proprietary Triadic framework to carry out transformation assessments for its customers. It evaluates the client environment from three dimensions: business model, landscape complexity, and appetite to move to the cloud. The various automation tools & accelerators aligned with the framework will bring in a significant reduction in effort and cost during implementation as well as post-implementation. One of the elements in the Triadic framework is data migration; customers face multiple challenges during migration, consolidation, and reconciliation of data from multiple source systems like PeopleSoft, Oracle EBS, and other legacy applications to Oracle HCM, ERP, and CX Cloud applications.