Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud Certification Readiness Workshop

Note that seats are limited and priority will be given to EMEA Partners focusing to Oracle EPM Enterprise Cloud Service Track Expertise. Registrations will be closed as soon as the Event is full. Oracle is pleased to invite you to attend an Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud Certification Readiness Training Course. Gain an in-depth understanding of the Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud 2020 Implementation Specialist certification process and the various areas of the system that will be tested as part of the Implementation Essentials Certification Exam (1Z0-1080-20). Explore key system functionality and terminology required to become a certified implementation specialist and evaluate the ways in which

Database 12c to 21c, Journey of key feature sets

This presentation will look at 12c to 21c new features that should be investigated for use which include Multitenant, IN-Memory and Oracle 19c Automatic Indexing and many more. I will discuss the 12c to 21c Journey for these new features with examples and sample code. Attendees can expect brief introduction of all the new features with deep dive into Multitenant, IN-Memory and Automatic Indexing. About the Speaker Anuj Mohan is a seasoned database professional, with expertise in Engineered systems, Database performance and customer management. He is an Oracle ACE and a frequent speaker at various Oracle conferences like OOW, Collaborate,


Meetup: Gebruik van Machine Learning bij Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW)

Gebruik van Machine Learning bij Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW). De sessie bestaat uit twee delen: 1) Introductie Data Science en Machine Learning. 2) Praktische Hands On met Machine Learning. In deze nlOUG sessie praten we u bij over ontwikkelingen op het gebied van Data Science & Machine Learning (ML) bij Oracle. Daarna kunt u zelf aan de slag met de  mogelijkheden van ML in de Autonomous Database aan de hand van een hands-on workshop. We staan stil bij Oracle ML in de Oracle database. De Oracle database bevat meer dan 30 ML-algoritmes die u via SQL, R en Python kunt

Smart Scan: Live and Uncensored!

Come and learn how to play with the Smart Scan. We'll go with a lot of examples to explain and demonstrate how Smart Scan works on Exadata. Understand the scenarios Smart Scan will be used and the ones it won't and why it was not used. Column projection, predicate filtering, storage index, SQL offloading... understand all of this and how they make Exadata what it is. About the Speaker Franky Faust works for Pythian as Senior Oracle Database Consultant. He has extensive knowledge in Oracle Exadata and High Availability technologies and in other databases like SnowflakeDB, MySQL, Cassandra and SQL



Changing careers can be a daunting challenge. How do you shift your skills and experiences into a new field? How do you know if the new career is the right fit? And how do you catch up in an industry that is less familiar? For people that have made the leap later in their careers to a job in the technology and applications space, it's important to find resources, support, and the knowledge to adapt quickly. In this session, Lee will share his own experience and decisions to move into the technology space, and his challenges and lessons learned along

Oracle Cloud-Native Journey Session 6: Digital Assistants and Chatbots

Oracle Cloud-Native Journey Session 6: Digital Assistants and Chatbots Session Abstract: In this session, you will learn. - Basics of Oracle Digital Assistant - How to create a small conversational bot - Basics of a chatbot: intents, entities, utterances - Testing your own bot Speaker BIO : ROLANDO CARRASCO CTO, Services and Processes Solutions S.A de C.V Rolando Carrasco is both an Oracle ACE Director and Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador focused on modern technologies and architectures. Rolando has been in the IT industry for more than 20 years, always involved in the integration space and areas that derive from it, such

JWT: tudo o que não falaram para você sobre…

Javascript Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) é um framework. É nessa família que encontramos o JWT (JSON Web Token) e seus componentes. Neste evento ONLINE e GRATUITO no Canal .NET iremos abordar todos os componentes da família JOSE: JWA, JWK, JWE, JWKS. E como esse framework é o coração da segurança do OAuth2 & OpenId Connect. Além disso serão discutidos outros cenários de uso, como integrações de APIs! Palestrante: Bruno Brito (Microsoft MVP) Não deixem de acompanhar! Convidem amigas, amigos e colegas de trabalho!


Did you know there is a way to take advantage of the Cloud while keeping your EBS customizations? Backups as a Service, flexible hardware that can scale, cloning of environments, paying for what you use and only what you use. Move and improve your existing EBS environment to a modern, flexible Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and upgrade your environment. We will show you case studies that demonstrate how to keep control as well as control your costs. Learning Objectives: - Learn ways to maintain the customizations you created in your EBS environment and move your EBS to the cloud

DB-Oracle 19c Hands-On Experience: Pluggable Databases are Risen from the Dead

Join ODTUG and Viscosity for a hands-on virtual class on Oracle Database 19c. We have a limited number of user IDs available for the hands-on lab, so be sure to register quickly as a "Hands-On Participant" or for the HOL Waiting List. Registration is unlimited for those interested in View and Listen only mode. In this two hour class, students will learn the fundamentals to managing the new frontier of pluggable databases. Each student will be assigned 2 VMs to configure PDBs and work labs. With the recent announcement at Oracle OpenWorld, starting in Oracle Database 19c, we are allowed

Migrate Your Oracle Forms Apps to Oracle APEX by Monica Godoy

Oracle Forms is an established technology that has been popular for building data applications for decades. Today, there are several approaches for building such applications. In this session, you will learn: • How to use Oracle APEX to modernize your Oracle Forms-based applications. • When it’s a good moment to modernize • What you should do before starting this type of projects • Demonstration from Forms to APEX

Cloud Native Java by Josh Long

“It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.” -W. Edwards Deming Work takes time to flow through an organization and ultimately be deployed to production where it captures value. It’s critical to reduce time-to-production. Software - for many organizations and industries - is a competitive advantage. Organizations break their larger software ambitions into smaller, independently deployable, feature -centric batches of work - microservices. In order to reduce the round-trip between stations of work, organizations collapse or consolidate as much of them as possible and automate the rest; developers and operations beget “devops,” cloud-based services and platforms automate operations


Fireside Chat with Security Gurus

Session Title: Fireside Chat with Security Gurus Session Abstract: Join our interactive session where Manish, Angeline, Russ Lowenthal will answer your questions live. In this session, get the unique opportunity to engage with your peers on relevant issues on Oracle Security. You can pre-submit these questions by tweeting @AIOUG #aiougFC or ask live in the chat. Speaker Bio: Manish Choudhary Product Manager - Oracle Data Safe, Sensitive Data Discovery, Data Masking, and Subsetting, Oracle Manish Choudhary is a product manager for Oracle Database Security, focusing on sensitive data discovery and masking technologies. He has experience in database firewall, activity monitoring,

Becas internacionales 📢 Big Data Certified Associate

"📢 Big Data Certified Associate 💻 6 meses de activación de plataforma 24/7 🎓 Obtenga una beca del 100% en el curso, solo paga el examen con el 70% de descuento.meetup 📅 BootCamp el 29 de mayo, de 9:00 a.m. a 5:00 p.m. (GMT-5)

Berliner Expertenseminar: Postgres Backup & Recovery, Migration und Replikation

Aufgrund der großen Nachfrage wird dieses Thema (Seminar vom September 2020) in diesem Jahr wiederholt. Tag 1. Installation und Architektur der Postgres Datenbank Wichtige Verzeichnisse und deren Bedeutung PG_WAL Konzept, Tablespaces, Prozessbeschreibung, Verwaltungsviews Unterschiede und Gemeinsamkeiten zu Oracle Postgres Cluster Konzept, mehrere Postgres Cluster auf dem Server Konfigurationsdateien (postgresql.conf, pg_hba.conf) Postgres Benutzer, Rechte und Rollen im Vergleich zu Oracle Postgres Administration Tag 2: Postgres Backup & Recovery unter Windows und Linux Postgres Foreign Data Wrapper für Oracle Migrationstechniken von Oracle zu Postgres Physical und Logical Replikation von Postgres zu Postgres Einstellungen für Logging und Auditing PG_ADMIN als Werkzeug für Administration

Workshop Gratuito – SP: Cloud Solutions com Microsoft Azure

Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie Rua da Consolação, 930 - Consolação, São Paulo

Acompanhe este evento PRESENCIAL e GRATUITO promovido pela comunidade Azure Talks e conheça diversas tecnologias que integram o Microsoft Azure que podem ser úteis na implementação dos mais variados tipos de aplicações, independente da plataforma de desenvolvimento de sua escolha. Alguns dos tópicos que serão cobertos: - Desenvolvimento Web com Azure App Service - Protegendo segredos com Azure Key Vault - Gerenciando Configurações com Azure App Configuration - Docker na nuvem com Azure Web App for Containers, Azure Container Instances e Azure Container Registry - Orquestração de Containers com Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) - Desenvolvimento Serverless com Azure Functions -


Microsserviços no Azure

Conheça neste evento ONLINE e GRATUITO do Azure na Prática (live #19) alternativas oferecidas pela nuvem Microsoft que podem ser extremamente úteis na implementação de uma arquitetura de microsserviços! Quando: 01/06/2021 (terça) a partir das 21:00 - horário de Brasília Confirme sua participação através do link: Para saber mais sobre o Azure na Prática e seus treinamentos presenciais e online acesse: Não deixem de acompanhar! Convidem amigas, amigos e colegas de trabalho!


APEX World 2021

Unfortunately, the eleventh edition of APEX World this year could not take place due to the Corona crisis. In 2021 we would still like to make another attempt. Given the most recent developments around Covid-19 and a possible vaccination against it in early 2021, we at nlOUG believe that it is wise to organize APEX World 2021 a little later in the year than usual. On Wednesday June 2 and Thursday June 3, 2021 we organize APEX World 2021 at the KNVB Campus in Zeist! We will probably have a scoop as the first live event *. We are fully

Cloud Applications Onboarding Webinar

Oracle CS ConnectX: Cloud Apps On-boarding Webinar We invite you to attend a LIVE webinar to get started with your Oracle Cloud Applications. This is a perfect start to your Cloud journey where you will learn about:- Getting started with Oracle cloud Activating your Cloud services Admin Dashboards and Reports Working with Oracle Technical Support Knowing your Maintenance schedules Various Oracle Portals and Resources Invitation to this Webinar is through Registration only, click on Register Today button to confirm your Registration and receive Webinar joining details.

Oracle Communications Consulting Security & Analytics Webinar Series – Network Security Services

Are worries about securing your communications network keeping you up at night? OCC has the services and solutions to ease your fears. The Oracle Communications Consulting team will be hosting a webinar on the topic of Analytics & Security Series: Network Security Services. Attendees of this webinar will learn: about “Security Services” offered by Oracle Communications Consulting how proactive assessments help to detect vulnerabilities before they become a threat what is included in our Network Firewall Implementation services for different network generations review customer case studies how we can help reinforce 5G and Cloud Native Core security