How to troubleshoot long running sessions from the past?

Community ForumCategory: DatabaseHow to troubleshoot long running sessions from the past?
matheusdba Staff asked 2 years ago

How to troubleshoot the already ran sessions which ran long and finished?

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matheusdba Staff answered 2 years ago

Oracle is great for this! As long as you fay for it… 🙂
In general, the features from the Diagnostic Pack, like AWR (for a Workload Performance and measuring the impact of a SQL), ADDM (for a specific SQL) or ASH (Active Session History) for granular information about the session from the last moments (days, hours, depending on the case).
In summary, you have to pay for official solutions to look back in time.
But remember that all those reports are made based on the “runtime” views. So you can create a manual system of your own to gather “snapshots” and build similar reports later.
We actually have something really nice in a similar line based on the ASH, build by the community. It’s the S-ASH (or, Simulated ASH). Google it!