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matheusdba Staff asked 2 years ago

Could you recommend a tool for stress and load testing that is free and useful?

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matheusdba Staff answered 2 years ago

We have tons we can use for this end on different layers:
– For I/O Performance, we have the classic “dd” from linux.
– Yet for I/O we have the ORION (Oracle I/O Numbers) which should already be in your Oracle Installation.
– From the community we have the SLOB (Silly Little Oracle Benchmark) by Kevin Closson
– Consider also HammerDB/HammerORA (not sure if it’s payed or not)
– You have also Swingbench by Dominic Giles.
– For Network Load and Throughput test you have ORATCPTEST (Doc ID 2064368.1)
This is all not to mention the obvious and recommendable RAT (Real Application Testing). It is better than all those, in general. But it’s payed. 🙂