Which port TFACTL use to upload to SR

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matheusdba Staff asked 10 months ago

Curl require port 80 to enable, many company don’t open that, same with TFACTL upload to SR?

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matheusdba Staff answered 10 months ago

That’s a really good question. As per my understanding if would follow the same rule/restriction.
But this question made me review a bit about the ports on the documentation. Have a look here: https://docs.oracle.com/en/database/oracle/oracle-database/12.2/atnms/managing-configuring-tfa.html#GUID-97DA0A64-A184-4DB2-9CB1-F3AA23F6EF78
Maybe you can change the port used for the upload? It seems you can only change the monitoring ports and that’s all.  The best thing would be: Test and let us know!