Cassandra 4.0 World Party

Apache Cassandra™ runs some of the biggest workloads around the world. Join our virtual, one-day celebration on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 in preparation for the launch of 4.0, the most stable database release ever shipped. Fun, fast-paced talks from our global community will keep you entertained around the clock.

Anyone around the world! If you use and/or contribute to Cassandra, join us to meet others from the global community, learn, share, and celebrate.

The one-day event will include three sessions so you can celebrate with the Cassandra community in your time zone or attend all three!

– April 28 5:00am UTC
– April 28 1:00pm UTC
– April 28 9:00pm UTC

Each session is an hour long and will feature fun, fast-paced lightning talks on Cassandra plus interactive content and some giveaways.

Workshop: Cassandra Data Modeling Methodology, with samples!

If you’re a developer that wants to succeed with Apache Cassandra™, understanding the art of Data Modeling is the single biggest factor to help you get there!

Join us for this BRAND NEW session to learn how Cassandra’s data modeling differs from traditional data modeling. You’ll leave knowing how to create data models that scale effectively as your system grows – meaning your users get the experience they deserve!

Session Details:

Learn how Apache Cassandra™ stores and retrieves data

Get hands-on experience with Cassandra Query Language (CQL) on your own cluster

Understand the difference between Structured Query Language (SQL) and CQL

Learn how to model your data to your queries

Create keyspaces, create tables, load data and perform queries

Learn about denormalization

Put all this into practice and work through an example application data model, called CassandraLand


To help us get all the materials out to you we ask that you please sign up on Eventbrite – this makes our communications much easier. Any questions feel free to post them here!