Oracle Maximize Value with Oracle Database 19c

“The time is now” for Database Modernization removing Technology Debt
The new normal has accelerated digitalization of many customers across industries. Customers are facing new challenges and need to develop new business models to increase efficiency, be more agile and highly resilient.
Addressing “technology debt” enables customers to move much more rapidly in this direction.Technology debt is not only linked to hardware and software obsolescence, but leaves organisations “lagging” – unable to leverage automation and integration capabilities, lacking superior scalability and availability to be able to handle demand and offer near-zero business service disruption. To add to this, there is an inability to get insights from data in real-time, and increased vulnerability as cyber-attacks grow exponentially and data breaches are commonplace, particularly, as systems remain out-of-date.A pragmatic data management strategy through database modernization can provide a clear path to remove this technology debt quickly.

Join this session to hear about how moving to Oracle Database 19c can help you reduce operational risk and costs, improve productivity and business resilience as well as providing better business insight. This session will also cover customers that have made the move and reaped the benefits