An Hour dedicated for Database & Application Performance

  Session Abstract:¬†When I started my career as an Oracle DBA, it was Oracle 8i which was just released. Since then, we have come a long way. Each version of Database introduced features aimed to improve the performance of an Application. This also means that many of these features are rarely used. In this 1 hour, let's talk about database performance and do's and don'ts for maintaining a Scalable Application. I will walk you all through some real-life examples on Database Indexing, SQL Optimization and Oracle Optimizer.   Speakers Vivek Sharma Technical Lead - Data Warehousing Development & Global Leaders



Join ODTUG and Viscosity for a hands-on virtual class that introduces upgrading to Oracle 19c. In this class, students will get hands-on experience with on how to tune your Oracle database 19c. We have a limited number of user IDs available for the hands-on lab, so be sure to register quickly as a "Hands-On Participant" or for the HOL Waiting List. Registration is unlimited for those interested in only watching/listening. Oracle database upgrades often lead to performance related issues. This is due to the number of underlying technical changes in software, introduction of new features, and general enhancement of the

Becas certificaciones internacionales ūüéď Big Data Certified Associate (BDCA)

"ūüďĘ Big Data Certified Associate (BDCA) ūüéď Obtenga una beca del 100% en el curso! solo paga el examen hasta con el 50% de descuento Fecha sesi√≥n online en vivo: ūüďÖ 13 de Marzo 2021, de 9:00 a.m. a 5:00 p.m. (GMT-5) ūüŹĀ Relaciono enlace de descarga del contenido tem√°tico de la certificaci√≥n ūüď≤ Realice su inscripci√≥n al WhatsApp ‚úĒ¬†


Celebrate the achievements of women with OATUG, as we launch our new Women in Technology Program! Through networking, educational, and professional development opportunities, the OATUG Women in Technology  (WIT) Program supports and celebrates the success of women working in technology-related fields. Each quarter, the WIT Program will host eLearning sessions that cover a variety of topics, including management styles, developing resilience and confidence in work settings, addressing gender biases, and resources for time management and work-life balance. Join us for the WIT Program’s kickoff event, a panel discussion with women that are leading the way in technology: Leadership Styles & Building Spaces for Women to Thrive Panelists: Ida Quamina - Managing Director,

utoug – Training Days 2021

  Mark your calendar for UTOUG Training Days, March 17 - 18, 2021! We are going VIRTUAL this year.¬† UTOUG Training Days brings the best speakers in the country to your doorstep! Network with people who are part of your local community - no hotel required! Explore the session schedule when it becomes available then go ahead and invest in yourself by registering today. UTOUG is committed to ensuring that all Oracle technologists in our area can learn and grow. Our available scholarships help further that commitment by helping UTOUG members and students attend Training Days. *¬†Speakers¬†please register at the¬†Speaker's


ZDLRA and MAA integration to reach ZERO RPO everywhere

  Session Abstract:¬†Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance (ZDLRA) is an Oracle Engineering System that was it is part of the Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) family. But it goes beyond just backup and recovery. In this webinar I will show how to integrate ZDLRA with all kinds of databases that you have, protecting from the simplest single instance to the huge multi-site DG+RAC database. Everything with ZERO Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and multi-site protection. Check in this webinar how you integrate ZDLRA features like Real-Time Redo transport, Multi ZDLRA Replication, and Tape backups with the Oracle MAA Reference Architecture. After

Meetup: Experiences with Oracle Database Migrations to the Cloud (Moved to April!)

Meetup: Experiences with Oracle Database Migrations to the cloud Originally this Meetup was supposed to take place on March 18th. The Meetup will be postponed to a date yet to be determined in April. More information about this will follow as soon as possible. Presentation by the DOC team. From on-premiss to the Oracle cloud. - Backgrounds cases; used and to be used DB versions - Transition to the Cloud (including infrastructure aspects) - Migration to Database 19/20 Login details for the Zoom meeting will be sent by e-mail to the registered participants before the start of the Meetup.


Abstract: Are you worried about how Oracle upgrades will affect your legacy reporting? Are you dreading the migration from a legacy reporting tool like Oracle Discoverer or OBIEE? Many users currently running Oracle Discoverer or OBIEE express concerns when it comes to finding a path forward now that these legacy tools have reached their end of life and are no longer being supported by Oracle. These concerns are well-founded as those who choose to stay on board until the sustaining period ends will be left without critical support for existing Oracle and third-party products and necessary updates. While users who


Join ODTUG and Viscosity for a hands-on virtual class that introduces upgrading to Oracle 19c. In this two-hour class, students will get hands-on experience on how to upgrade databases to Oracle Database 19c. A virtual presentation will be followed by the hands-on practicum on performing an actual database upgrade. Attendees will have access to a virtual machine with Oracle database versions and pre-installed with the latest PSU. Attendees can perform database upgrades from Oracle versions or to Oracle Database 19c (19.7 or higher). We have a limited number of user logins are available for the hands-on

Database & Technology INSYNC

Introducing INSYNC 21‚Äč Three jam-packed days of Oracle Database and Technology learning‚Äč Quest Oracle Community is excited to introduce a¬†BRAND NEW¬†virtual conference exclusively for Database and Technology users! INSYNC connects DBAs to product experts, industry innovators, technology leaders and Oracle product teams for 3 full days of online education and networking. Get hands-on with the experts, dive into demo‚Äôs and workshops, connect with other Oracle database users, and meet solutions providers ‚Äď all from the comfort of your desk. ‚Äč Delivered on our interactive virtual event platform, INSYNC provides an immersive learning experience suited for all learning styles and interests.


Abstract: Exponential increases in data volumes are putting enterprise IT infrastructures under severe pressure ‚Äď from a cost, performance, scalability and manageability perspective. Regulatory requirements are also changing how and why data is being retained, as many organizations are now required to retain and control much more information for much longer periods. Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) is the practice of applying policies for the effective management of information throughout its useful life. Learning Objectives: Learn about Oracle's Advanced Compression and Data Partitioning options. Hear how they help organizations to deploy ILM policy and get benefits to improve the performance of