umount: This utility only unmounts cifs filesystems

Can’t umount Red-Hat filesystem with error “This utility only unmounts cifs filesystems” either with force?

[@Linux-redhat5 ~]$ cat /etc/redhat-release
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.11 (Tikanga)


[@Linux-redhat5 /]# umount /cifsfilesystem/data/custom
This utility only unmounts cifs filesystems.
This utility only unmounts cifs filesystems.
This utility only unmounts cifs filesystems.

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Shellscript: Which database is this service_name from?

Strange question, right? You should know you applications and databases and how everything works, right?

Happen that some days ago a client requested me to identify from which database is a service_name. Easy? Not if the server have 46 database instances running…

Ok, now how can I can this information as quick as possible?

I know that the command below give me all distinct databases in CRS:

/u01/app/ stat res -t -w "TYPE = ora.database.type"

Now, lets make some sed magic:

[root@nprd01dbadm01 ~]# /u01/app/ stat res -t -w "TYPE = ora.database.type" |grep ora. |sed 's/ora./srvctl status service -d /' |sed 's/.db/ |grep \$1/' | head -1
srvctl status service -d dba |grep $1

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Teradata ODBC for Unix OS

To connection between unix machine with teradata environment is needed to install ODBC Driver and some others components (dependencies). All Items can be found in Teradata Downloads site:

Teradata OBDC Driver has 3 dependecies:

1. Shared common components for Internationalization (TDICU)
2. Teradata GSS client package (TeraGSS)
3. Teradata Tools and Utilities Base (TTU)

After download all items, run as root: rpm -ivh “component_name” –nodeps

Eg: rpm -ivh teragss1510- --nodeps

Use “–nodeps” only to not need to install in order

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“java.sql.SQLException: ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol” After Upgrade Database to 12c

Hello everyone!

I already wrote a post about it but I think I was not clear and easy to find enough. So let me make another post about and add some information…

Ok, are you facing a “java.sql.SQLException: ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol” after upgrade your database to 12c?

It’s related to old jdbc driver version in your application. Please review matrix available in this post and check your application. The MOS noted below have good information about it…

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