Microsoft Ignite 2021!

Hey Folks,
Better later than never… Yesterday was the first day of the Microsoft Ignite event, and again, like last year, you have a chance to earn a voucher to do a free certification exam.

Same as the last year, to receive the voucher all you have to do is complete at least one of the challenges.

Bellow, you have two links. One where you can see which Exams will be available and the other one will take you to the challenges page.


Thanks GoldenTalks!

Hi all,

I want to first say thanks for Gilson and his whole team in GoldenGateBR for the very pleasant time on last Thursday’s conversation!

We spoke a bit of everything, but mostly over career, my historic on the community, and of course the grepOra blog.

Also many thanks for the ones who could connect and stay connected up to the end of the video. Here is the recording, if you will (it’s in Portuguese!).

5 out of 6 OCI Certifications – Impressions and Experience

Hi all,

Not long ago the was a program by Oracle which gave access to PCI training and certification for free. As several people still wanted to take their chance on the exams, there were an extension on with more openings. I blogged about it here

During the last days studying for the OCI free certifications. Well, let´s say that I procrastinated a bit and along with moving countries with my family, COVID the lockdown and all that comes with it, I managed to pass on 5 out of the 6 OCI certifications that are available, I did not enroll on the Dev one once I knew that Kubernetes and OCI Functions were the type of beast that I was not planning to tackle.

Here are they in order:

And yes I did the Architect Professional prior the Architect Associate, let´s call a miss on schedule from my part – to say the least.

I did all video trainings and some more than one time and read a lot of the documentation. Also asked to collegues and peers how the exams were as soon as I saw they passed in the exams that I was aamin to.

While not working with cloud nor with OCI every day I knew that I needed to put a few extra hours but it not that big of a deal. so if you dont work with cloud and want to get in the game, you sure can do it. Oracle has the free trial and the always free tier that you can levarage from. Mine expired in the middle of the studing so I needed to get creative with the demos that are avaliable and on the last day prior my last exam I was able to get access to my corp´s tenancy (thanks a lot guys) to resolve some cases which I still needed.

The demos from the trainings are not 100% specialy on the Database service side. I was expecting more, there are great demos from Rohit Rahi and Flávio Pereira and others. So I strong recommand that you follow along. My tip goes to increasing the video speed to 1.5x That really helped my to get focus and to move a bit faster to get all done prior each exam.

My scores ranged from 74% upt to 92% and in my opnion the Architect Associate was the most dificult due its questions type not the content it self. As most of the questions were specific to OCI features and services and not related to desing, some trick questions- To me these make the exams less enjoyable. I had no OCI CLI questions which I though It would be also covered.

I would like to thank my family to put up with me for the last week of testing and to Oracle and Oracle Cloud teams which providded the trainings and the exams vouchers.



Elisson Almeida

LAOUC 2020: DevOps: PLSQL Development Best Practices for DBAs

Hi all!

This year I’ll be again speaking on the LAOUC (Latin America Oracle User Community) Groundbreakers Tour with a new topic: “DevOps: PLSQL Development Best Practices for DBAs“.

Different from the previous years, on this edition, we’ll have a consolidated agenda of conferences, instead of the tour on the continent. So we’ll have people speaker all sorts of languages all day long during the week of the conference, from August 17th to August 21th.

I’ll be speaking on the first day, as per states my card below.

Complete agenda:

Details about my session:

Subscribe to my session! 


See you there!

grepOra 2.0 is Online! What’s New?

Hi all!

We are glad to announce our version 2.0 is online!

We have been working with the same blog layout since 2015, as being we HAD to make a few improvements to accommodate all changes we had on our structure and also some things to make YOUR experience even better.

We did try to keep the layout as clean as possible, as you are used to. In case you find any big issue, broken link or similar, let us know!


1. The HOME page:

  • We made some quick buttons for the main features and we hope you like it!
  • We have now a quick panel with the latest posts on our main categories.

NewScreenshot 2020-07-28 às 15.12.46


  • We know some of you get annoyed about the number of events we announce on the blog feed.
  • However, we know some of you come here specifically for this.
  • To accommodate both, we have set an AGENDA to have in a much more modern fashion the list of upcoming events from either the Community around the Globe and also Oracle official events and webinars.
  • We are still getting things around and you’ll keep seeing improvements in this regard soon!
  • You have now the LIST and SCHEDULE view too!

NewScreenshot 2020-07-28 às 18.16.42

NewScreenshot 2020-07-28 às 18.18.10

3. The FORUM

  • YES! You have now an open Forum to ask quick questions and have answers not only from the Authors but from the whole community. ENJOY and USE IT!
  • I have filled with some questions I heard recently and answers, just as an example. But we await YOUR interaction there!

NewScreenshot 2020-07-28 às 18.20.37



  • As many of you asked, we started a learning space where we recommend some of the books and trainings we have read/tested/validated/like for your development.
  • Among the items we have on the roadmap is start including reviews on trainings and books.
  • By buying the books from the given links you’ll be helping grepOra to keep alive and growing. Thanks!
  • You can expect new sessions, recommendations and reviews soon!

NewScreenshot 2020-07-28 às 18.23.59


There are of course tons of quick and tiny improvements here and there all over the pages and spaces. We have rebuilt ALL the pages, like the MEMBERS page. But those are the 4 main improvements.

You can expect for more soon:

  • A Monthly Newsletter will start soon. Subscribe yourself and stay sharp!
  • Book and Trainings Reviews will start to be published soon.
  • The Agenda will become more integrated and have additional sources soon.
  • Expect for more surprises soon!


We are glad to have you here. This is all for YOU!

I want to take some space here to also thank Gabriel Morás and Jociéli Maleico for helping out on this reimagination process. Thank you!

Thank you and Enjoy!



GUORS Webinar: Automating Daily DBA Tasks with Ansible? [PT-BR]

Sem MIMIMI, você está realmente usando o que Ansible pra melhorar a sua eficiência ou é só pro chefe ver?

No próximo dia 23/7 as 19:00 o Ricardo Martins estará apresentando um case real de como utilizar o Ansible para automatizar as suas atividades.

É gratuito! Basta inscrever-se aqui:

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-23 at 18.35.47 (1)

Appreciation Note: YATRA 2020 Online + Tips and Trick from 20k+ Hours Oncall

Hi all!

First of all, it’s not over! We still have great sessions going on on the Yatra Online, check them HERE!

Before going through it, for the regular grepOra readers: you know I use to make reviews about events. But this is not a simple review, is an appreciation not for the AIOUG members and organization for such a great organization and engagement.

So this post is about my participation in this year’s edition, which has ended at this point. In topics:

1) Meet & Greet with Oracle ACE/GA/JC Community Session

It was a great pleasure to be speaking about the Oracle Community Programs with my fellow colleagues and friends Biju Thomas, Liron Amitzi and Basheer Khan last Saturday!

Thank you guys and AIOUG for the partnership and for the great discussions and motivation burst!

2) Tips & Tricks from 20K+ hours DBA oncall,

Let’s say the main item of this list, my session delivered yesterday. Such a great pleasure and a marvelous audience! We feel really glad and useful when we see a lot of questions and contributions. I’d like to say a warm and personal thank you for all the about 180 who attended this session and say it was a great experience for me!

My Slides are available here!
Along with the rest of my other conference slides, here.

About the questions: I was able to answer 10-12 questions during the conference session, but there were more not replied. I’m awaiting the organization to send me the list of all questions and I’ll make a new blog post dedicated to it. Stay sharp!

NOTE: I big thanks to Jure Bratina for pointing out an issue with the slides (regarding /*+ GATHER_PLAN_STATISTICS */). It is fixed!

3) Interview with Jim Grisanzio (Oracle Community)

Last but not least, I just had an interview with Jim Grisanzio for the YATRA Tour Online series. I can only say it was a pleasure and an honor to talk a bit with Jim on behalf of the Oracle Community in APAC about the ACE Program, career, Community in general, and about my session on this Yatra. Have a look and leave a LIKE if you enjoyed it!


Final Notes

I know Yatra means “Journey”. So what a great Journey we are having with all the awesome names and sessions, from which I could attend just a few because of my shift limitations. I’m sure we’ll all meet and repeat this experience in person really soon!

In this while, I’d like to use this opportunity to thank:

  • Sai Penumuru and Aishwarya Kala on behalf of the AIOUG team: Such a great event you are hosting! Congratulations on your organization, professionalism, and quality material and speakers. Well done!
  • All ACE Community to allow us to be in such great events, and specifically Biju, Liron and Basheer for the good and friendly conversation on Saturday.
  • Jim and the great conversation as you can see in the video above.
  • Especially and mostly to the whole Indian Community for the great reception and engagement. Thank you and congratulations!

Some memories I keep from this Yatra’s edition: