OEM Real-Time Data not Displayed

Hi all,
So I was facing the follwoing situation in a client:
– SYS as SYSDBA passoword working to connect on database.
– Connecting to targets with this credentials working fine.
– However when loading real-time graphs it was simply not working.
– Tried to create manually the named credentials, still not working now with the error:

Listener refused the connection with the following error: ORA-12514, TNS:listener does not currently know of the service requested in connect descriptor.

See what I was getting from database home:

NewScreenshot 2019-05-09 às 11.34.33.png

Weird, but hey, the solution was already posted in Grepora!

Ok, I discovered anyway from MOS BUG 28513706 – 13c2EM: DB home page shows Connection Cache with this Cache Name does not exist. it miht be related to connection pools.
Even thought this was closed as not a bug, a learned a new workaround for it:

1. [OMS_HOME]/bin/emctl set property -name use_pooled_target_connections -value false 

2. Restart oms 

[OMS_HOME]/bin/emctl stop oms -all 

[OMS_HOME]/bin/emctl start oms

Hope it helps!

Oracle New Visual Online Tools

Hi all,
So, after a long time of same old documentation style, Oracle started sharing some nice and visual pages for some specifics. Here are 2 examples:

1. Oracle Move to Cloud  (http://www.oracle.com/goto/move)
This one was shown to me by Ricardo Gonzalez, and it’s a GREAT tool if you are planning migrations to Oracle Cloud in general.

The part I like most is where you select the source and destination formats/versions you want and all recommended migration methods are suggested. Of course additional validation on database are required for each method, but it can potentially remind you of things you may be forgetting.

NewScreenshot 2019-05-08 às 16.56.46

Something else I like very much as well is the section with executive summaries of each migration tool. It’s basically ready for a print screen to put in the slides you are going to present to your boss… 🙂

NewScreenshot 2019-05-08 às 16.57.16.png

Also, you have handy some links to papers for the most different migration scenarios, as per:

NewScreenshot 2019-05-08 às 16.57.24

2. Oracle Database Features: (https://apex.oracle.com/database-features/)
I actually got it from this post by Portilho, and found it great! See how it looks like:

NewScreenshot 2019-05-08 às 16.52.14

And by selecting any of the features you can see more info in a very simple way, as per below. By the way, with one click you can be directed to the documentation (the old fashioned one):

NewScreenshot 2019-05-08 às 16.55.08


Hope you enjoy those as much as I did and hope Oracle continue providing those sort of interfaces to us!


AWR Scripts List

You also always need to lookup for the right AWR Script to run, just like me?

Here is a quick summary that may help you (and myself) in future. 🙂

@?/rdbms/admin/awrrpt.sql      --> basic AWR report
@?/rdbms/admin/awrsqrpt.sql    --> Standard SQL statement Report
@?/rdbms/admin/awrddrpt.sql    --> Period diff on current instance
@?/rdbms/admin/awrrpti.sql     --> Workload Repository Report Instance (RAC)
@?/rdbms/admin/awrgrpt.sql     --> AWR Global Report (RAC)
@?/rdbms/admin/awrgdrpt.sql    --> AWR Global Diff Report (RAC)
@?/rdbms/admin/awrinfo.sql     --> Script to output general AWR information

Hope it helps!