Automatic Killing Inactive Sessions with Resource Manager

Hello All!

So, your are manually (or via script) killing idle sessions on your database?

As consequence, your users are getting error “ORA-00028: your session has been killed.” and getting angry on you?

What about doing it automatically in a much more graceful way and be seen as a nicer DBA? You can do it using Resource Manager.

Are you already using Resource Manager on your database? Yes – Great!

No – Shame on you. Read this and put RM in place ASAP. This is a great tool for the database to manage the database resources, plus no additional licensing is needed. So go for it!

Ok, but what is the trick?
It’s the limit max_idle_time. You can use it either on existing groups or subgroups of your plan (or subplan) or switch to “KILL” groups with this you can even use the same criteria you’d use for any script to perform this action. For this you might user the parameter new_switch_group and have a created a different group only for those kills.

Have this option it’s nicer, if you want to avoid killing sessions on database, by the way, as you can always switch a session for the killing group manually, not demanding it to fill the requirements to automatic switching.

How? Quick example:

Creating new Plan Groups with MAX_IDLE_TIME:

dbms_resource_manager.create_plan_directive( plan => '&RM_PLAN', group_or_subplan =>
'LONG_RUN', comment => 'Limit idle time to 5 minutes', max_idle_time => 300);
dbms_resource_manager.create_plan_directive( plan => '&RM_PLAN', group_or_subplan =>
'SHORT_RUN', comment => 'Limit idle time to 1 minute', max_idle_time => 60);


And what would be the error for the user that get’s the session killed?

ORA-3113 End of file on communication channel

Much nicer: Now you are a nice DBA and don’t kill sessions anymore.
You automated it!

Some additional recommendations:

  • Use this solution for Databases above or, due some known bugs:
    • Bug 8891495 – NON-IDLE SESSIONS ARE KILLED ( only)
  • Some MOS references on it:
    • How To Automatic Kill Inactive Sessions using Resource Manager (Doc ID 1935739.1)
    • Using Resource Manager to Detect and Kill Idle Sessions (Doc ID 1557657.1)

Hope it helps!

Advise: Setting underScore/Hidden Parameters

Please be aware no hidden parameters (parameters starting with “_”) should not be set unless recommended by Oracle explicitly or in case of a perfect match to the case.

This is explained on MOS Best Practices and Guidelines for Setting underScore/Hidden Parameter to Workaround and/or Resolve Customers Problems (Doc ID 2524119.1)

So, in case of any diagnostics you have to lead to setting it, SUGGESTED:

  • Get the explicit approval/agreement from Oracle.
  • Include evidence on the root cause for this setting. A comment should work, something like:
alter system set "_replace_virtual_columns"=false Comment= 'Workaround Doc ID 1512347.1' SID= '*' scope= both;


ORA-20001: Statistics Advisor: Invalid task name for the current user

Hi all,
So, I start seeing on my alert log:

Errors in file /u01/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/cdb1/CDB1/trace/CDB1_j000_89793.trc:
ORA-12012: error on auto execute of job "SYS"."ORA$AT_OS_OPT_SY_36807"
ORA-20001: Statistics Advisor: Invalid task name for the current user
ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_STATS", line 47207
ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_STATS_ADVISOR", line 882
ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_STATS_INTERNAL", line 20059
ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_STATS_INTERNAL", line 22201
ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_STATS", line 47197

After some research I found Bug 22879263 – BETA 12.2 – ORA-12012 , ORA-20001 AND ORA-06512 FROM ORA$AT_OS_OPT_SY_88 JOB.

This was suppose to be fixed on, however I’m still getting. Anyway, I executed the below and it got fixed:

EXEC dbms_stats.init_package();

Ref: Recurring ORA-12012, ORA-20001, ORA-06512 In Container Database (Doc ID 2420581.1)

Hope it helps!

ODA Useful Commands to Manage VMs

1. To restart the vm:

oakcli stop vm [vm-name]
oakcli stop vm [vm-name] -force
oakcli start vm [vm-name]

2. To show All vm status

oakcli show vm


root@server oak]# oakcli show vm

vm1 1 8192 4 ONLINE fileshare

3. Listing Configured Options for a VM Template

oakcli show vmtemplate ol6linux_64

4. Adding a Network to the VM Template

oakcli modify vmtemplate ol6linux_64 -addnetwork net1

5. Configure CPU, Memory on the Template

oakcli configure vmtemplate ol6linux_64 -vcpu 4 -maxvcpu 8 -cpucap 10 -memory 3000M -maxmemory 6G -os OTHER_LINUX

6. Create a VM by Cloning from Template

oakcli clone vm ol6test -vmtemplate ol6linux_64 -repo repo1 -node oda2

7. Override VM Template Values

oakcli configure vm ol6test -vcpu 6 -memory 4G

8. Configure High Availability and Failover Values

oakcli configure vm ol6test -prefnode oda2 -failover oda1

9. Start a VM

oakcli start vm ol6test

10. Access VM Console for a VM:

oakcli show vmconsole [vm-name]

Hope it helps you!

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