HrOUG: Croatian Oracle Users Group Conference 2019!

Hello all,

I’m very happy to announce I’ll be at this years Croatia Oracle Users Group annual event, in Rovinj, at Hotel Istra 4, in St. Andrew island. When? October 15-18th.

This is one of 6 events on european Oracle Groundbreakers Tour this year.

Lectures will have 20 speakers from Oracle ACE Program (11 directors, 5 ace, 3 associate, 1 alumni). I’m happy to be one of those 11. 🙂

The event also has:

  • 4 keynotes
  • 20 Oracle ACE program speakers
  • 10 Oracle Corp. speakers
  • 3-4 Social evening events

More info:


Just a few pics to give a taste…

See you there!

Stop Migrating Databases to 12c!

If you are starting an upgrade plan, do it directly to 19c. Why?

Well, first let’s say that 19c is “equal” to on previous version model, while 18c is, after latest So, thinking reasonably, you would already plan for latest PSU on the future version, right? So this is 19c.

But not only this. It’s well known that Oracle’s Terminal Patchset is the Long Term Release for each version. And for 12.2 family this is 19c.

The image below (From Doc ID 742060.1) should help on clarifying this:


In summary, since August 1st 2019:
– is already on Extended Support (20% more expensive unless you have ULA)
– 12.1 family is already on Extended Support (20% more expensive unless you have ULA)

Which only leave us with 12.2 Family. Now I ask you, why jump to any “PSU” other than the final one?
Also, support on goes only up to Nov 2020 and for 18c ( only to Jun 2021, while 19c goes up to 2026 with ES/ULA!

I’m not even raising the great improvements we have on newer versions (if you are in 11.2, shame on you, you are basically 6 years behind the world technology wise).
Myself , I already migrated several databases on different clients to 19c and it’s running preeeetty fine. So trust on it!

Ok, so to migrate to 19c? (Some tips):
– To migrate directly to 19c you need to be on supported terminal patch set (, or on 12.2 family (, 18c).
– Get in touch and use AutoUpgrade mechanism (you’ll love it!) – AutoUpgrade Tool (Doc ID 2485457.1)
– Check Upgrade Guide:
– Have a look on Mike Dietrich blog for news:
– Test it before doing in prod.

Additional Reference:
Release Schedule of Current Database Releases (Doc ID 742060.1)
Very nice and complete post (in portuguese) on this topic from Ricardo Portilho.

I like very much the table below as well:

NewScreenshot 2019-08-13 às 15.11.34

See you!

ACE Director Announcement

Hello all!
I’m proud to announce that last August 2nd Oracle promoted me from Oracle ACE to Oracle ACE Director!

And for this I can only thank:

  • ACE Program and Community itself for challenging me on this, which I discovered to be a passion after a while.
  • Friends and family for all your support and encouragement on literally every single step of this journey.
  • GREPORA and all our fellow authors on making it great on Community.
  • Pythian for all great team mates and encouragement regarding community programs.

But what is an Oracle ACE?

The Oracle ACE Program highlights excellence within the global Oracle community by recognizing individuals who have demonstrated both technical skill and strong credentials as enthusiasts and community advocates.

There are 3 levels of (active) Oracle ACEs:
ACE Associate: The entry level.
ACE: Proficient Community Advocate.
ACE Director: Expert Community Advocate.

To learn more about the program, visit Oracle ACE Program – FAQ

I’m glad to say I have covered all those steps (, ) to be where I am right now.
Also, I got originally nominated in 3 Expertises: Database Management & Performance, Cloud, MySQL.

Some additional facts:

  • I’m the first Brazilian ACE Cloud.
  •  I’m the actual youngest ACE Director in the world.
  • I’m the only ACE Director living in Brazil.

In summary, I just want to share my happiness on having this logo now on with you all.

Thanks for all your support!


MySQL InnoDB Buffer

Hi all,
Do you have a MySQL server running somewhere? I’ve seen many and many MySQL servers running with the default configuration, even the mysql_secure_installation command being ignored. Let’s talk about a tip to tune your server.


This config, tells the server how many memory it can use, the default (using 8.0 and 5.7) its 128MB, that’s way less then it could be, in general. I usually set about 75% of the total ram of the server IF you just have the database on that server. With that, you have enough memory to accommodate OS processes and the MySQL. You can set this in your my.cfn file.

Be aware this is not a silver bullet, and if your server has a lot of ram, let’s say > 100GB, if you set at 75%, you still have about 25GB free, and that’s way more than the SO needs. So it’s all a matter of your server memory size.

Make sure you review this point on next time!