Five (5) Oracle Machine Learning Notebooks You Should Know!

Oracle Machine Learning Notebooks provide a collaborative user interface for data scientists and business and data analysts who perform machine learning in Oracle Autonomous Database--both Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) and Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP). Oracle Machine Learning Notebooks enables data scientists, citizen data scientists, and data analysts to work together to explore their data visually and develop analytical methodologies. The Notebooks interface provides access to Oracle's high performance, parallel and scalable in-database implementations of machine learning algorithms via SQL and PL/SQL, with support for Python and R coming soon. Easy to understand and easy to repurpose, OML notebooks enable novice,

Oracle 19c Hands-On Experience: New Features

Join ODTUG and Viscosity for a hands-on virtual class that introduces new features and enhancements in the Oracle 19c Database. In this two hour class, students will get hands-on experience with Automatic Indexing, Performance Tuning and SQL Quarantine. Participants will also discover ways the Oracle 19c improves database security and protects data. Only 30 user logins are available for hands-on, so be sure to register quickly as a "Hands-On Participant" if you want to secure a login for yourself. Registration is unlimited for those only interested in watching/listening. Outline: Automatic Indexing SQL Performance Tuning Enhancements Automatic SQL Plan Management Real-Time

Oracle Analytics Cloud – Is It Worth Embracing?

Abstract: Oracle Analytics Cloud is a robust Analytics solution that provides real-time data in Analytics Dashboards/Reports. It also provides integrations with Enterprise Business applications (such as ERP, HCM, and CRM) and robust reporting and analytics with user-friendly self-service. This session will give you a great understanding of OAC and discuss why creating an Analytics Workplace culture is important. Learning Objectives: * Where to start the Analytics Transformation * How to define & identify analytics success measures * The key consideration for narrowing your focus area for a successful Data Analytics Implementation * How to effectively visualize Data using OAC for

Oracle Developer Live: AI and ML for Your Enterprise

Oracle Developer Live: AI and ML for Your Enterprise Put AI to work for your business and IT operations. AI can accelerate automation, reduce human errors, and enhance business insights. Join Oracle executives and product experts as they discuss how to eliminate the development roadblocks to building an AI-powered enterprise. Because data is the foundation for AI, you'll also learn how to access, prepare, and process it with speed and agility. Attend Oracle Developer Live to discover how you can optimize the data and machine learning lifecycle and spur AI adoption—all while delivering innovation, automation, and smarter decision making to


From: Thema: Polymorphic Table Functions Referent: Robert Marz, Databee - Die IT-Architekten Wir haben das Anmeldeverfahren für Sie vereinfacht. Bitte melden Sie Ihre Teilnahme direkt über GoToWebinar an: Webinar-ID: 779-064-979

Getting started with automation in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

This session will help get you started in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure automation. Maybe you're just starting out in cloud infrastructure management or you just need an overview of the related technology I'll discuss the aims of automation and consider how to get the most value out of automation.  Using working code example in common tools including the OCI API, OCI CLI, Python and Terraform I aim to provide the audience with a platform for further learning of essential skills the world of OCI operational management. This session was orginally included in the UKOUG Conference 2020 agenda but did not run

Exadata Storage Server Internals

  Session Abstract: Storage is one of the most critical tiers in any database technology, The Exadata Storage Server runs the Exadata Storage Server Software and it provides several features like Smart Scan, Smart Flash Cache, Smart Flash Logging, IO Resource Manager, Storage Indexes and Hybrid Columnar Compression. Managing them becomes very important, take a deep dive into Exadata Storage Server Internals to know more on it. Speakers Karan Dodwal Oracle Exadata Consultant, Fidelity International Karan Dodwal is an Oracle ACE and Oracle Certified Master (OCM) with specialization in Oracle Cloud, Oracle Exadata and Performance Tuning, he works with Fidelity


Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics Virtual Workshop

Join us to get hands-on with Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics, the analytical cloud service purpose-built to maximize the value of your Oracle HCM SaaS data. Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics Virtual Workshop Join our virtual workshop to try Oracle Fusion HCM analytics for yourself. You will learn how to: Access pre-built KPIs and Dashboards Build your own KPIs Create custom self-service visualizations by combining spreadsheets with HCM data Please note: registration will close on Wednesday, January 27th to allow time to provision log-ins

Become an Oracle Influencer

Do you want to influence future changes of Oracle’s help documentation site? The Oracle Help Center Design Team is interested in getting feedback from real users like yourself to learn how updates to our technical help center might improve certain tasks and workflows. Your unique opinions will help us measure how ‘usable’ or ‘intuitive’ our designs are. This type of input is vital because it will result in updates to future versions of the Oracle Help Center ( Oracle Help Center is the hub for Oracle’s documentation, APIs, tutorials and other technical resources. Please join our upcoming 30-minute session! Our

What the Heck is the Oracle Optimizer Doing? Part 2 – Plan Costing

Session Abstract: When Oracle optimizes your SQL, it works out what it thinks is the best way to execute your statement to retrieve your data as quickly as possible, minimising unnecessary resource usage. This presentation will look at what Oracle is doing. We will use the 10053 trace functionality to show how Oracle uses statistics to cost your SQL access paths, showing what cost really means and how it works, and the impact of messing with system statistics on your database. Note: This webinar session not planned for recording, please attend the live session only. Speakers Neil Chandler Database Guy, Chandler


Virtual Training Days February 8 - 11, 2021 RMOUG Virtual Training Days RMOUG’s Training Days is the premier grass-roots user training event in the U.S., offering a variety of technical and functional educational sessions over three days from world-renowned experts. It's known throughout the country for relevant content and networking opportunities, all of which will continue at this years' virtual event.  For almost 30 years, Training Days has been hosted by RMOUG, an active, independent, nonprofit organization striving to provide its members with instruction, guidance, and networking events throughout the year, including a multi-page quarterly newsletter full of topical content


Workshop: Prepare for the Apache Cassandra™

  The DataStax Apache Cassandra™ Certification has grown in popularity over the past 3 months. So much so that we are often asked how the process works and what to expect - so each month we hold a session to show you how the exam works and how to effectively prepare for it. Please note: You will NOT sit the exam during this session. ---------------------------- What we will cover ---------------------------- The content we recommend to prepare for the exams How to register for the exam and how to access the online portal What is required for exam : your ID,