The most simple way to ask for your user attention, is to popup a javascript browser question. Something like “Do you really wanna proceed?”

In the APEX world, just remember You do not need to reinvent the wheel!
Let’s use the native apex javascript Api, that comes with the function named Confirm, which ask user for a confirmation, before to submit page or before run some process.

Easy Example

First, select the button you want this behavior, then set the property Target to URL.
Second, set the target url to below javascript code, and don’t forget to adapt the message for your need’s.

   javascript:apex.confirm('Delete the user &APP_USER. Really?', 'DELETE');

The second parameter can be used to set the value of REQUEST, when the page is submitted. You can use this value selectively run some Process point,  setting the property Condition to “when request = value”.

Complex Example

For more complex needs, you can set Apex Items values, before to proceed with page submit. In this case, the second parameter should be an Object, with all items and values necessary for your page flow and correct process.

   javascript:apex.confirm("Save Department?", {
       set:{ "P1_DEPTNO":10, "P1_EMPNO":5433 } } );





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