GoldenGate 12.1.2 not firing insert trigger

I had to troubleshoot a situation, after GoldenGate capture some DML and replicate that, Oracle database needs to run insert trigger making some business integration.

After to upgrade this enviroment from GG to 12.1.2 and DB to, was identified that GoldenGate wasn’t running this triggers

So, found interesting resolution on Oracle Docs:


Valid for nonintegrated Replicat for Oracle. Controls whether or not triggers are fired during the Replicat session. Provides an alternative to manually disabling triggers. (Integrated Replicat does not require disabling of triggers on the target system.)

SUPPRESSTRIGGERS is the default and prevents triggers from firing on target objects that are configured for replication with Oracle GoldenGate. SUPPRESSTRIGGERS is valid for Oracle and later 11gR2 versions. SUPPRESSTRIGGERS is not valid for 11gR1.

So, added ‘DBOPTIONS NOSUPPRESSTRIGGERS’ in the replicat parameter file.



  1. Diva

    Thanks for sharing it. Recently my Organization switched from Shareplex to OracleGG.
    I am involved with the Target System Oracle DB (one way replication) and Application. This DB has bunch of triggers as a part of the Application design. Initially I suspected the code and started logging the Trigger actions. But logging was not happening.
    Your posting prompted me to work with the Admin(s). After the “NOSUPPRESSTRIGGERS” changes it is working. Triggers are firing as expected.
    / Diva

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