Understanding Apex URL

An basic step into Apex development is to understand URL syntax.
I keep this note in my favorites folder, to check anytime.





  • App -> Application ID or alias.
  • Page -> Page number or alias.
  • Session -> Identify a session ID.
  • Request -> A keyword that you can use to react in your process workflow. When you press a button, request will be set to button action name, e.g. when press Submit or Next page, your Request variable should have “submit” value.
  • Debug -> Set this flag to YES to increase log level (must be uppercase).
  • ClearCache -> Specify the numeric page number to clear cached items on a single page, this flag set all item’s values to null. To clear cached items on multiple pages, use a comma-separated list of page numbers. Clearing a page’s cache also resets any stateful processes on the page.
  • itemsNames -> Comma-delimited list of item names.
  • itemsValues -> Comma-delimited list of item values.
  • PrinterFriendly -> set to YES, to use a printer friendly template.

I hope this help you too 🙂

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