How to find GoldenGate recovery time

Sometimes it’s necessary to restart GoldenGate process, and after start GG Extract, it take’s long time ‘in recovery’ status.

It’ a interesting subject, and can be found here (before read below  🙂 ) .

GGSCI (greporagg) 16> send EXT status
EXTRACT EXT (PID 23068830)
  Current status: In recovery[1]: Processing data

  Current read position:
  Redo thread #: 2
  Sequence #: 4246
  RBA: 223285824
  Timestamp: 2016-10-08 07:32:36.000000
  SCN: 1658.1839128718
  Current write position:
  Sequence #: 29295
  RBA: 74336127
  Timestamp: 2016-10-14 17:59:43.476624
  Extract Trail: ./dirdat/TR

So let’s check how to find transaction:

GGSCI (greporagg) 17> send EXT showtrans

Sending SHOWTRANS request to EXTRACT EXT ...

XID: 783.27.1959817
Items: 0
Extract: EXT
Redo Thread: 4
Start Time: 2016-10-08:07:33:51
SCN: 1658.1839293825 (7122895070593)
Redo Seq: 3388
Redo RBA: 224131088
Status: Running

In database (dark) side:

SQL> select s.sid
  from gv$transaction t
  inner join gv$session s on t.addr = s.taddr
  order by start_time asc;


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