GoldenGate supplemental log check

Are you bored with GoldenGate objects with no supplemental log on Oracle Database?

This script will check ALL tables in GG PRM, after check on database supplemental log information.

PRM, dblogin should be changed.

Try this script on crontab:



echo > gg.out
echo "dblogin USERID @ PASSWORD > template_check.tmp
echo "" >> template_check.tmp
cat dirprm/ext_1.prm|grep -i TABLE|awk {' print $1" "$2 '}|awk -F"," {' print $1 '}|sed 's/TABLE/INFO TRANDATA/g' >> template_check.tmp

./ggsci -s gg.out
obey template_check.tmp

cat gg.out|sed '/^$/d'|grep -v ": ALL."|grep -v -i "info trandata"|grep -v "data is enabled for table"|grep -v "ERROR OGG-01784"

Mail this to GGAdmins.

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