Waiting for ASM to startup after upgrading to Oracle 18c

Something strange happened to me and I would like to share with you. I was upgrading one of my Virtual Machine which was an Oracle Restart – SIHA,  running to 18c on Oracle Linux 6.9.

The upgrade went fine using the GUI no issues nor strange log messages, but the issue happened when I rebooted the VM. For some reason (which I don’t knew) the startup was hanging when trying to start HAS and then it outputted the error below:

PRCR-1070 :Failed to check if resource ora.asm is registered
CRS-0184 : Cannot communicate with the CRS daemon
Waiting for ASM to startup

Looking up on MOS I found this note – Oracle Linux 6 server hangs on boot with error: Waiting for ASM to startup (Doc ID 2495023.1)

The startup was hanging waiting on acfssihamount but as ASM was not up yet and it could not start.

To fix it you need to boot OS in rescue mode and execute

chroot /mnt/sysimage

Once you do that you will be able to change the startup configuration settings using chkconfig and disable acfssihamount

chkconfig --list acfssihamount
chkconfig acfssihamount off
chkconfig --list acfssihamount

After this exit out the rescue mode and the system should boot normally.

Hope it helps!

Elisson Almeida

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