IPv6 Formatting for JDBC and SQLPlus

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Seems new right? But it’s available since 11gR2.
Not needed to explain what is IPV6, right? Any questions, go here.

In summary the only thing you need is to enclose the IPv6 address in square brackets. Like this:

For Easy Connect on IPV4:

SQL> connect user/pass@


For Easy Connect on IPV6:

SQL> connect user/pass@[1:95e05a:g0d:da7a:2007]:1521/GREPORADB

For JDBC (thin) IPV4:




For JDBC (thin) IPV6:

(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=[1:95e05a:g0d:da7a:2007]) (PORT=1521))



As you can imagine, the same applies to your TNSNAMES entries.

Also, according to this, it can be used even for your LISTENER:

    (HOST = [1:95e05a:g0d:da7a:2007])(PORT =1521))


After Patch: MRP0: Background Media Recovery terminated with error 10485

I had that some time ago after applying Patch 27475598 – Oracle JavaVM Component Database PSU.
Why? Well, this is Non RAC-Rolling Installable and also Not Data Guard Standby First Installable.

This means there downtime for this patch, no escape.

I had to (skipping all the standard opatch steps, you can see those on README):

  • Stop DG Replication:
dgmgrl /
show configuration
show database mydg
edit database 'mydg' set state='apply-off';
show database mydg
  • Run postinstall.sql in upgrade mode with only 1 instance on (disable RAC):
cd $ORACLE_HOME/sqlpatch/27475598
sqlplus /nolog
SQL> alter system set cluster_database=false scope=spfile;
SQL> @postinstall.sql
SQL> alter system set cluster_database=true scope=spfile;

Ok, all good, seems all fine.

But now when starting my DG replication:

dgmgrl /
show configuration
show database mydg
edit database 'mydg' set state='apply-on';
show database mydg

What I see is:

DGMGRL> show database mydg

Database - mydg

  Role:            PHYSICAL STANDBY
  Intended State:  APPLY-ON
  Transport Lag:   0 seconds (computed 1 second ago)
  Apply Lag:       41 minutes 53 seconds (computed 1 second ago)
  Apply Rate:      (unknown)
  Real Time Query: OFF

  Database Error(s):
    ORA-16766: Redo Apply is stopped

Database Status:


And on Database Alert Log:

MRP0: Background Media Recovery terminated with error 10485
Errors in file /u01/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/axwest/greporaprod/trace/greporaprod_pr00_42628.trc:
ORA-10485: Real-Time Query cannot be enabled while applying migration redo.
Recovery interrupted!
MRP0: Background Media Recovery process shutdown (greporaprod)

Well, in my case it happens because I use an Active Dataguard, in open read only. The solution? Start you DG in Mount Mode to apply the patching replication!

This is well described as per MOS: MRP process getting terminated with error ORA-10485 (Doc ID 1618485.1).

After getting sync, you can simple promote it to read only mode again.

Hope it helps!

Oracle Open World SP 2018: Review and Downloads

Hello Everyone!

So, this is a quick post just sharing that (almost) all presentations from the Oracle Open World SP are available, for free, to download here.

Of course, the presentations don’t replace the experience to be there, discussing and seeing in first hand the thoughts and insights from such great specialists. So, if you can, please arrange yourself for next year!

About the event?
Well, as usual we had a lot of merchandising for Oracle, as it’s expected. But it was great to see some well known specialists talking themselves about their products. Not only sales, but people who really work with the Products. The big problem: So many parallel sessions I’d like to attend! lol

I know you like something for specific, so let me share my top10 sessions from this year. I really recommend you to download those presentations from the link above and search for the speaker profiles for more information about them.

# OOW18 Top 10 by Matheus:
– Making Graph Databases Fun Again With Java (Otavio Santana)
– Redução de custos com Backups utilizando Oracle Storage Services (Rapahel Campelo)
– Por dentro da cabeça de um hacker de banco de dados (Antonio Santos)
– Novidades do Oracle 18c que você não pode perder (Luciano Verissimo)
– Nova regulamentação GDPR: proteção de dados e as implicações para os negócios (Angelo Neto)
– Da aquisição ao consumo de dados: informação é poder para tomar decisões  (Felipe Rasche, João Barros Neto)
– Confie no seu pipeline: Teste automaticamente um aplicativo Java de ponta a ponta (Elisas Nogeira)
– Oracle Autonomous Cloud Platform: Inovações mais Rápidas, Baratas e Seguras Utilizando IA (Siddhartha Agarwal)
– SQL Tuning 101 (Alex Zaballa)
– Autonomous: O primeiro Banco de Dados Autônomo do mundo (Andrew Mendelsohn)

Hope you enjoy it, see you there next year!

Managing AWR Warehouse Repository Database

1. Change Retention Period Of AWR Warehouse Repository Database

This retention of the AWR on the Repository Database can be changed by the following:

<OMS_HOME>/bin>./emcli awrwh_reconfigure -retention=<New retention period (in years)>
For example: 
[oracle@oem13c oms]$ emcli awrwh_reconfigure -retention=5

2. Change Staging Location Of AWR Dump Files

For the AWR Warehouse, the target database by default creates dump file in home directory. So after adding the target to AWR warehosue, we need to reconfigure it from OEM CLI to change the dump files directory as following:

<OMS_HOME>/bin>./emcli awrwh_reconfigure_src -target_name=<target database name> -target_type=rac_database -src_dir="<directory path>"
For example: 
[oracle@oem13c ]$ ./emcli awrwh_reconfigure_src -target_name=greporadb -target_type=rac_database -src_dir="/arwdata/awrw"

3. Change Upload Interval Of SnapShots In AWR Warehouse Repository Database

This configuration can be changed by the following:

<OMS_HOME>/bin>./emcli awrwh_reconfigure -upload_interval <New upload interval>
For example: 
[oracle@oem13c oms]$ ./emcli awrwh_reconfigure -upload_interval=12

4. List Current Configuration

This can be accomplished by the following:

[oracle@oem13c oms]$ emcli awrwh_reconfigure -list
Upload Interval (hours) = 12
Retention (years) = 5
Dump Location = /awrdata/awrw/
AWR Warehouse reconfigured successfully
[oracle@oem13c oms]$

EM13c: How To Change Retention Period Of AWR Warehouse Repository Database In 13.2 OEM Cloud Control (Doc ID 2247437.1)
EM13c: How To Change Staging Location Of Dump Files On AWR Warehouse Repository Database In 13.2 OEM Cloud Control (Doc ID 2247439.1)
EM13c: How To Change Upload Interval Of SnapShots In AWR Warehouse Repository Database In 13.2 OEM Cloud Control (Doc ID 2247438.1)

Oracle Developer Community LAD TOUR 2018: OUGPY (Paraguay)

Hey all!
You may have seen my post abou LAOUC and the Tour last week. If not, have a look. Now let’s cover Paraguay Edition, organized by OUGPY – Oracle Users Group Paraguay.

I’ll be speaking in Assunción/Paraguay about “Oracle Database Backup Service: Backup of On-Premise Databases to Cloud“.

Central Bank of Paraguay
Federación Rusa y Augusto Roa Bastos, Asunción 1767

How much?
FREE! Click here!

What does my session cover?
In this session, I’ll be speaking about a study case one of the most fundamental Disaster Recovery tool for any business or technology: The Backup.  But, what happens if your backup don’t work, or you lose your backup with your Data Center?

The session covers the Oracle Backup Service available in Oracle Public Cloud, specially focusing on offsite backups for On-Premise Databases. It is the less disruptive and easy implementable alternative to have an offsite backup, a common need in several business due the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX-2002). This is also the first step to put Database environments into Oracle Cloud.

The session has a hands-on lab covering installing, configuring, backing up and restoring a corrupted file from Public Cloud.

OUGPY-OTN-promos-01 (1).png

Wait you there!

Oracle Trace Facility Problems

Quick one today… Not sure if you noticed, but has some problems with the trace facility. Some components/processes generate huge amount of trace files.

MOS notes:
– RMAN BACKUP Command Always Generates Trace File Having “kcbtse_print_kod” Message (Doc ID 2311975.1)
– MMON trace file grows and is flooded with: kmgs_parameter_update_timeout Gen0 messages (Doc ID 2319931.1)

Both have their patches already…

Additionally, Mike Dietrich’s blog posts about above notes:



Oracle Developer Community LAD TOUR 2018: GOUB Tech Day (Brazil)

Hey all!
You may have seen my post abou LAOUC and the Tour, right? If not, have a look!
Now let’s cover Brazilian Edition, organized by GUOB – Grupo de Usuários de Tecnologia Oracle do Brasil.

I’ll be speaking in São Paulo/Brazil with the session “Amazing Free Tools for Oracle DBAs“, in room 5 at 3:30 PM local time.

UNINOVE – Universidade Nove de Julho – Campus Memorial
Av. Francisco Matarazzo, 364
Bairro Barra Funda
São Paulo – SP

How much do I invest for this?

Public/Date up to June 30th Up to July 27th Up to August 3rd
General Public R$ 220,00 R$ 314,00 R$ 420,00
Student R$ 110,00 R$ 157,00 R$ 210,00
Student or Teacher UNINOVE Free Free Free

Confirm your presence!


What does my sessions cover?

> Amazing Free Tools for Oracle DBAs

Your scripts utility belt don’t need to cover it all! Know some outstanding free tools to manage and monitor your Oracle Database environment.

In this session we’ll get in touch with some amazing free tools to check on the database performance, ongoing issues, tracing, dashboarding and graphing things from your database and server perspectives.


Here for more info about:
All the Speakers
All the Sessions

Wait you there!