ORA-19665: size % in file header does not match actual file size of %

That’s an unexpected message to get, right?
I got it related to an ORA-7445: ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [kcflfi()+1016] [SIGFPE] [Integer divide by zero] [0x10047EF18] [] []

What’s next?
After some checks, found the following (got from related trace the file name, matching to file_id 106):

SQL> select file_name, bytes from dba_data_files where file_id=106;

FILE_NAME                                         BYTES 
------------------------------------------------ --------------
+DATA/MYDB/DATAFILE/DATAFILE_XX.558.1015447173   14529069056

SQL> select name, bytes from v$datafile where file#= 106;

NAME                                             BYTES 
------------------------------------------------ --------------
+DATA/MYDB/DATAFILE/DATAFILE_XX.558.1015447173   14529067281

This means the Database Dictionary has different sizes for the datafile.
Looking at MOS, it seems to be a match to ORA-07445: Exception Encountered (Doc ID 1958870.1).

How to resolve it?

SQL> alter database datafile 106 offline to drop;
RMAN> restore datafile 106;
RMAN> recover datafile 106;
SQL> alter database datafile 106 online;

This resolved my case, fixing the views.


  • Make sure you have a backup before dropping the datafile.
  • Make sure you can put the datafile offline or proceed in a non-business hour.
  • Follow change procedures for Production, of course. Things may get wild.

And what if I don’t have a backup?
1. You may want to take it. It may not work, though, considering the original mismatch.
2. Export/Import logically:
– Export the data from the related tablespace (Datapump or Legacy Export, check for limitations and datatypes).
– Drop the tablespace and recreate it.
– Import the data back.

As usual, test it in a non-production environment to validate your plan and commands.

I hope it helps!