Innovate SaaS with Chatbots based on Oracle Digital Assistant

Digital Assistant is an AI service that offers prebuilt skills and templates to create conversational experiences for your business applications and customers through text, chat, and voice interfaces. Application owners can easily get started with prebuilt skills to provide chatbot functionality to business users. Discover partner opportunities for SaaS services like HCM Cloud, Sales, Expense, Public Sector, Logistics, Project Management, PeopleSoft, B2C Service, Field Service, EPM, Recruiting, Care Experience, Siebel that include a Digital Assistant. For more information please see the Oracle Skills Documentation. Speakers: Joe Huang & Jürgen Kress Schedule: June 28th 2022 16:30-17:30 CET (Berlin time) For details

Next Generation Database Management for DevOps and DBAs

Gain instant access to monitor and administer your entire fleet of databases, whether one or many located either on-premise or in the cloud, using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Management and Operations Insights cloud services. You will see in-depth capabilities for monitoring, troubleshooting, and managing groups of databases as a single unit whether they are unrelated databases, development or test databases, or databases belonging to an application group. You will see demonstrations of typical database management workflows.

Intel Optane Persistent Memory Use Cases with Oracle Database In-Memory

This session will discuss testing carried out for two Oracle Database In-Memory use cases with Intel Optane PMem running in both Memory Mode (PMem-MM) and in App Direct Mode (PMem-AD) on a standard X-86 server. The goal of the testing was to determine if PMem technology can provide an alternative option to traditional DRAM and to other fast tiered storage disks in a Database In-Memory environment. The session will also provide the steps on how to configure Oracle Database 19c with PMem as a persistent block-addressable storage device. Asad has worked in the IT industry for over 25 years. His


National Webinar Series 2022 – APEX 22.1: Progressive Web Apps by Vincent Morneau

The Australian Oracle User Group, AUSOUG, have a focus on bringing together our Oracle community and servicing their core technical, development and applications needs. A balanced program is aimed at all levels of skill and experience within a forum of User led independent knowledge sharing. APEX 22.1: Progressive Web Apps by Vincent Morneau In the last year, Oracle APEX introduced support for Progressive Web App (PWA) technology. This is the beginning of a long-term commitment to help APEX developers create apps with deeper integration into desktop and mobile devices. This session will cover what a PWA is and how it

Graphing Grifters: Identify & Display Patterns of Corruption With Oracle Graph Studio by Jim Czuprynski

Ever wonder how your bank knows when to text you when a potentially fraudulent transaction appears on its radar? It’s simple if you know how to apply the right algorithms to financial transactions so that outliers become readily apparent. These techniques can be applied to just about any anomalous behavior, and property graph technology helps make outliers stand out dramatically. Through presentations and online demonstrations, this session will: • Show how to use appropriate ML algorithms already built into Oracle Database to uncover anomalous patterns • Demonstrate Oracle Graph Studio’s capabilities to identify and display outliers more clearly • Introduce

Introducing Oracle Zero Downtime Migration 21.3 by Gavin Soorma

Oracle Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) is Oracle’s premier solution for a simplified and automated migration experience to the Cloud providing zero to negligible downtime for migration of on-premise production workloads to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. ZDM follows Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) principles completely and incorporates products such as GoldenGate and Data Guard to ensure High Availability and an online migration workflow which supports both a logical as well as physical model.