Exadata Storage Server Internals

  Session Abstract: Storage is one of the most critical tiers in any database technology, The Exadata Storage Server runs the Exadata Storage Server Software and it provides several features like Smart Scan, Smart Flash Cache, Smart Flash Logging, IO Resource Manager, Storage Indexes and Hybrid Columnar Compression. Managing them becomes very important, take a deep dive into Exadata Storage Server Internals to know more on it. Speakers Karan Dodwal Oracle Exadata Consultant, Fidelity International Karan Dodwal is an Oracle ACE and Oracle Certified Master (OCM) with specialization in Oracle Cloud, Oracle Exadata and Performance Tuning, he works with Fidelity


Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics Virtual Workshop

Join us to get hands-on with Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics, the analytical cloud service purpose-built to maximize the value of your Oracle HCM SaaS data. Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics Virtual Workshop Join our virtual workshop to try Oracle Fusion HCM analytics for yourself. You will learn how to: Access pre-built KPIs and Dashboards Build your own KPIs Create custom self-service visualizations by combining spreadsheets with HCM data Please note: registration will close on Wednesday, January 27th to allow time to provision log-ins

What the Heck is the Oracle Optimizer Doing? Part 2 – Plan Costing

Session Abstract: When Oracle optimizes your SQL, it works out what it thinks is the best way to execute your statement to retrieve your data as quickly as possible, minimising unnecessary resource usage. This presentation will look at what Oracle is doing. We will use the 10053 trace functionality to show how Oracle uses statistics to cost your SQL access paths, showing what cost really means and how it works, and the impact of messing with system statistics on your database. Note: This webinar session not planned for recording, please attend the live session only. Speakers Neil Chandler Database Guy, Chandler

3-in-1: New Features for DBA’s in Oracle 18c/19c/21c(20c) – Part 2

Session Title : 3-in-1: New Features for DBA's in Oracle 18c/19c/21c(20c) - Part 2 Session Abstract: This session covers the most important and relevant 100 new features in the Oracle 18c, 19c & 21c (21c) database. Oracle DBA/Develops can take advantage of those new features. The list includes a wide variety of generic features, performance tuning related enhancements, touching multi-tenant improvements, some overhauled features, and as well as security posture features. Join this session and surely you will take away a lot and loads of new features in the latest release of the Oracle database Speaker BIO: Suresh Gandhi Senior


Oracle Integration Update Webcast

Integration – Foundation for digital business Attend this webcast to accelerate your digital transformation with pre-integrated connectivity to Oracle as well as third-party SaaS and on-premises apps, run-ready process automation templates, and an intuitive visual app builder. Topics of the February edition include: • February Oracle Integration Release update • Boxfusion Customer Success story • Integration Insight Schedule: February 16th:00 – 12:00 CET (Berlin) For details please visit the registration page here: https://go.oracle.com/LP=105790?elqCampaignId=283273&src1=:em:lw:ie:cpo::Kress


Oracle 21C : Data Guard Broker New Features

Session Title: Oracle 21C: Data Guard Broker New Features Session Abstract: Oracle 21c is released with some new features. In this session, we will talk about the new features for the Data Guard Broker. We will see how to : -) Prepare our database for a Data Guard environment -) Validate our Fast Start Failover configuration -) Configure Failover Callout Configuration Scripts -) See changes about the observer -) Easily create Far_Sync -) The default location for Client-side Broker Files -) See the de-supported features -) And many other things -) We will analyze and give feedback about these new


ODTUG EPM Community Webinar: Inter-pod Revolutions: Connected Enterprise Solution in Oracle EPM Cloud

Presented by:Vatsal Gaonkar,Alithya *This webinar is eligible for one (1) CPE credit for Computer Software & Apps. To receive the credit attendees must be a Full (paid) ODTUG member, attend the entire webinar and answer all poll questions that will pop up on-screen during the webinar, and fill out the evaluation form (with your name) that will pop up on your screen immediately after the webinar. Prerequisites: None Program Level: Beginner to Intermediate Instructional Delivery Method: Group Internet Based Price & cancellation policy: Free. No need to cancel - if you do not attend you will be automatically cancelled. At

Extreme Scalability and Enhanced Resilience for Oracle Integration

Learn how Oracle Integration can scale to support the most demanding applications and discover what the future holds for performance and scalability in OIC. We will discuss a customer who reached 1m messages an hour and talk about how future enhancements will allow even higher throughput. We will also discuss how to meet business continuance requirements by using a customer managed DR solution and talk about existing high availability in OIC. Speaker: Antony Reynolds Schedule: Tuesday February 23rd 16:30 – 17:30 CET (Berlin time) For details please visit the registration page: https://go.oracle.com/LP=106074?src1=:em:lw:ie:pt::SEV400125288&elq_mid=183787&sh=1762292022131692288158932126&cmid=ACMK210115P00023



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OATUG Mentor Program

Looking to expand your career, connect with people, and get to know more of OATUG's community? Join us for this session focused on the Emerging Leaders Mentor Program! This webinar will introduce you to some of the OATUG Emerging Leaders and help you to learn about our Mentor Program. The Mentor Program connects early to mid-career professionals working in Oracle Applications and Technology with a mentor that can help guide them in their career. You can learn a little about the Mentor Program here, but please feel free to bring any and all questions to this webinar.

Migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Ease

  Migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Ease: Use Enterprise Manager Migration Workbench to Consolidate, Migrate, and Analyze Databases to OCI, Exadata Cloud or On-premise Data Centre Oracle is revolutionizing how data is managed with the introduction of the world’s first self-driving database. Oracle Enterprise Manager offers a unified, cost-effective, and easy way to automate the migration of your on-premises database workloads to the next generation of the industry-leading database, Oracle Autonomous Database, eliminating human labour and error. For Database Cloud Services running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or Exadata Cloud at Customer, Enterprise Manager helps DBA’s, consolidate databases and assess


Oracle Linux and Virtualization Tux Tech Talks

5 passos simples para migrar de RHEL e CentOS para Oracle Linux Com frequência somos questionados pelos clientes como migrar de CentOS para Oracle Linux, em particular para cargas de trabalho críticas onde suporte empresarial é relevante. Oracle Linux possui 100% de compatibilidade binária com RHEL, portanto uma simples troca é o suficiente. Participe deste webinar para saber como fazer a migração em cinco passos simples. Apresentador Marcos Sungaila Master Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle