How to become a certified Oracle Cloud Platform expert? Free certification!

How to become a certified Oracle Cloud Platform expert?  Free certification!

Want to make more money doing the job you already have? Before you ask for a salary raise, you might want to become a cloud expert first. Getting certified in your field can often mean the difference between continuing your job or get a promotion including a pay raise. Boost your career and become a certified Oracle Integration or Oracle Digital Assistant expert!
Attendees will be updated on the available Oracle Cloud Platform trainings, certifications and the free training. Including the resources and support of the PaaS and Developer partner communities and free cloud trials. Can’t access the free training & certification? Oracle OPN team will provide instant support check and fix your account during the webcast! Boost your career with an Oracle Cloud Platform certification!

International SouJava Collab Time

International SouJava Collab Time

At Collab Time, the idea is to be a collaborative* meeting in the SouJava community with the objective of approaching topics about software development with Java for those interested in learning and sharing their experiences.

The meetings took place on SouJava’s Discord server. If you are interested in indicating a topic to help guide the meeting, send it in the appropriated form. So just stay tuned to SouJava’s Discord Server for more information!

A Visual Introduction to Apache Kafka®

A Visual Introduction to Apache Kafka®

Apache Kafka® is an open-source distributed event streaming and queuing technology for large-scale, always-on applications. It is built with features that enable horizontal scalability, high throughput, and low latency. Kafka is primarily used for building high-performance data pipelines, streaming analytics, and providing a platform for data integration within an organization.

In this Cartoon Style Visual Introduction to Apache Kafka, we are going to build a “Postal Service” to deliver party invitations to two groups. Throughout the presentation, we will cover Kafka Producers, Consumers, Groups, Topics, Partitions, Keys, Records, Delivery Semantics (Guaranteed delivery, and who gets what messages). We’ll also have a quick look at Streams (mail sorting) and Connectors (how does mail get delivered between post offices).

What will you get out of this webinar?

This webinar will help viewers understand the fundamentals of Apache Kafka by introducing its key features and how you could potentially use this technology in an everyday setting.

Who should attend?

Beginners who are looking to pursue a career as a developer or architect to help get an understanding of how Apache Kafka works and some of its key benefits as an open-source streaming and queuing technology.

Master class ¡GRATIS! 📢DevOps: Automatización de despliegues de aplicaciones

Exacom I.T. en alianza con Nearsure los invitamos a participar en la sesión sin costo, denominada “DevOps: Automatización de despliegues de aplicaciones”.

En Exacom I.T seguimos interesados en el desarrollo del talento I.T. en Latinoamérica, por ello en alianza con Nearsure, estaremos rifando 3 vouchers de certificación internacional en DevOps certified Associate y DevOps certified Professional.

Why are Entities so important? Best practice Oracle Digital Assistant Webcast

In this 6 part series we will focus on the end-to-end best practices, to guide you on what constitutes a great conversational experience. “Why are Entities so important?” will be the topic for the 3rd session. Here we will explore real life challenges for entity extraction and how to leverage the platform features to solve them.
Learn why are Entities so important:

· Challenges of real life entity extraction
· Entity best practices with platform features
· Always use composite bags
· When to use Event Handlers

Process Automation Service – Partner Community Webcast

In this session, we will cover the latest updates and demos from the Process Automation Service. We will introduce the new cloud native version of our service. Process Automation is a platform for custom build process application or to customize Oracle SaaS services like HCM and CX. Join us to see a product demonstration covering both use cases for digital transformation and to adapt SaaS process.

Next Generation Database Management for DevOps and DBAs

Next Generation Database Management for DevOps and DBAs

Gain instant access to monitor and administer your entire fleet of databases, whether one or many located either on-premise or in the cloud, using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Management and Operations Insights cloud services. You will see in-depth capabilities for monitoring, troubleshooting, and managing groups of databases as a single unit whether they are unrelated databases, development or test databases, or databases belonging to an application group. You will see demonstrations of typical database management workflows.

Innovate SaaS with Chatbots based on Oracle Digital Assistant

Innovate SaaS with Chatbots based on Oracle Digital Assistant

Digital Assistant is an AI service that offers prebuilt skills and templates to create conversational experiences for your business applications and customers through text, chat, and voice interfaces. Application owners can easily get started with prebuilt skills to provide chatbot functionality to business users. Discover partner opportunities for SaaS services like HCM Cloud, Sales, Expense, Public Sector, Logistics, Project Management, PeopleSoft, B2C Service, Field Service, EPM, Recruiting, Care Experience, Siebel that include a Digital Assistant. For more information please see the Oracle Skills Documentation.

Speakers: Joe Huang & Jürgen Kress
Schedule: June 28th 2022 16:30-17:30 CET (Berlin time)
For details please visit the registration page.

[Online].NET 6/ASP.NET Core, APIs REST, desenv.Back-End: dicas p/o dia a dia|pt2

[Online].NET 6/ASP.NET Core, APIs REST, desenv.Back-End: dicas p/o dia a dia|pt2

Foram até o momento milhares de views, com mais de 300 pessoas acompanhando a live!

Acompanhe este novo evento ONLINE e GRATUITO no Canal .NET com mais dicas, truques e alternativas úteis para o desenvolvimento Back-End e de APIs REST com .NET 6, C#, ASP.NET Core e Azure Functions. Ao longo da apresentação será coberto o uso de diferentes frameworks, serviços na nuvem, mensageria e boas práticas de forma a facilitar e tornar mais dinâmica a implementação de soluções baseadas na plataforma .NET no seu dia a dia.

Teremos mais novidades do .NET 7 e C# 11 demonstradas na prática!

Palestrante: Renato Groffe (Microsoft MVP, MTAC)

Não deixem de acompanhar! Convidem amigas, amigos e colegas de trabalho!

Creating a Million Virtual Threads Using Project Loom by A N M Bazlur Rahman

Creating a Million Virtual Threads Using Project Loom by A N M Bazlur Rahman

Project loom introduces virtual threads, lightweight threads that aim to dramatically reduce the effort of writing, maintaining, and monitoring high-throughput concurrent applications with the Java platform.

We need threads to achieve high throughput. However, threads are not cheap and limited in number. To get around this problem, various alternatives such as a reactive programming style have emerged. These techniques bypass creating a lot of threads but debugging becomes more difficult. This makes developers grumpy. However, with virtual threads, we no longer have to look for alternatives, which would make developers happy again.

This talk will explore what virtual threads are, how they are implemented, how they solve our modern problems and if there are any shortcomings.