Virtual Training Days

February 8 - 11, 2021
RMOUG Virtual Training Days

RMOUG’s Training Days is the premier grass-roots user training event in the U.S., offering a variety of 
technical and functional educational sessions over three days from world-renowned experts. It's known 
throughout the country for relevant content and networking opportunities, all of which will continue at this 
years' virtual event. 

For almost 30 years, Training Days has been hosted by RMOUG, an active, independent, nonprofit organization 
striving to provide its members with instruction, guidance, and networking events throughout the year, 
including a multi-page quarterly newsletter full of topical content and tips.

Note: Due to the limited space, you may only sign-up for a total of 2 workshops/deep-dive sessions. All other 
sessions are not limited and you do not need to pre-register for.

RMOUG Member Conference Rate
If registering 5 or more people please contact leslie@epsconferences.com
US$100 US$100
New/Renewing Membership Fee and Conference Rate
If registering 5 or more people please contact leslie@epsconferences.com
US$175 US$175

Also Attending

  • Sandra Grotewohl
  • Sean Stacey
  • Craig Shallahmer
  • Bobby Curtis
  • Sean Scott
  • Elaine Thomas-Magnuson
  • Rocky
  • Adao Oliveira Junior
  • Roel Hartman
  • Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman
  • Marcelle Kaye
  • Tim Giltinan

APEX: Let’s Talk About Charts Attributes (Inverted Scale)

Hello! If you had play with Apex before, you know how easy is to build a simple report to present your data. But sometimes, your boss will ask you to build something more “graphical” or with a better design. But I never thought in color themes or pictures when I developed my simple reports in Sqlplus. Those colorful themes and design things are, most of the times, not familiar for DBA’s.

More“APEX: Let’s Talk About Charts Attributes (Inverted Scale)”