Oracle Data Safe Workshop

This Oracle technical workshop is FREE for Oracle System Integrator, ISV, VAR and Platform Partners.

Learn directly from Oracle Database Product Management and discover the features of Data Safe and use them to manage security features in an Autonomous Database.

Participants will receive access to an Oracle Cloud environment to do lab exercises.

Lab 1: Provision an ATP-S instance and import data
In this lab, you will provision an Autonomous Database instance and import demo data, including sensitive data (e.g. credit card numbers).

Lab 2: Register this ATP-S instance to Data Safe
This section will register the database with Data Safe, so that we can use Data Safe to manage security features in our database.

Lab 3: Provision Audit and Alert Policies
In this lab, we will explore the database auditing features provided by Data Safe.

Lab 4: Running Security Assessments with Data Safe
This lab will run security and user assessments with Data Safe, similar to the ones provided through the Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool.

Lab 5: Discover and Mask Sensitive Data
This section will allow us to discover and anonymize sensitive data in our demo database.

Oracle Communications Session Border Controller Troubleshooting Boot Camp

This training will prepare participants to take and pass the Oracle Communications Session Border Controller Troubleshooting 2017 Implementation Essentials Exam (1Z1-954).
See boot camp detailed agenda.

What we will cover:

This Boot Camp is designed for Tier-1 and Tier-2 technical support professionals. You will learn how to effectively troubleshoot problems with SIP call flows through the Oracle Communication SBCs series.
By enrolling in this boot camp, you’ll get a chance to deep dive into call flows through the Oracle Communication Session border Controller (SBC) series configuration. By learning through a combination of interactive instruction, discussion and hands-on labs, you’ll solidify your learning so you can apply it to your daily job.
This boot camp also correlates this information to available troubleshooting interfaces. These interfaces include SNMP traps, alarms, ACLI output, network protocol analyzer output and logs.
This training will prepare participants to take and pass the Oracle Communications Session Border Controller Troubleshooting Consultant assessment.

Learn to:

  • Use and explain the various troubleshooting tools available.
  • Troubleshoot boot and power-on problems.
  • Confirm normal SBC operation and isolate problems to within the SBC or external to it.
  • Troubleshoot signaling issues.
  • Troubleshoot media issues.
  • Describe the preferred troubleshooting methodology, which helps you expedite the fault isolation process.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate Workshop

After completing this training, attend the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate Workshop Exam Prep on March 10th, 2022. This is the right course if you are preparing for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate certification. Register now!

Attend this training to:

  • Learn how to extend your IT infrastructure with highly customizable Virtual Cloud Networks (VCN) and connectivity services.
  • Launch your first compute instance, and define storage volumes.
  • Deploy a highly available web application utilizing services like load balancer and distributing infrastructure across multiple availability domains.
  • Discover the various database options available on OCI from VM DB to Autonomous DB to Bare Metal DB.
  • Get insights to securing OCI, manage keys, and understand OCI WAF capabilities and architecture.

Oracle Virtual Hands-on Workshop: Converged Database

With the Oracle Converged Database you no longer need multiple single purpose databases for each data type. Oracle has created a single home for JSON, geospatial data and graph databases, offering developers the opportunity to write applications to one data store.

Join this hands-on workshop and learn how the Oracle Database converges multiple data models and workloads into a single database, while supporting popular development tools and techniques like events and REST interfaces.


  • What is a Converged Database?
  • Using data types beyond relational data in the Oracle Database
  • DB Sharding overview
  • JSON in the Oracle Database
  • Performance Tuning for JSON
  • Oracle Rest Data Services

Oracle Cloud@Customer Summit 2022

Cloud@Customer best practices and use cases

Hear about real life experiences from Exadata Cloud@Customer users

Listen to companies and organizations as they talk about their experience of managing data with Exadata Cloud@Customer. IT leaders from various EMEA countries will share their observations and best practices.

Join us to learn how to:

  • Improve database cybersecurity and maintain compliance with government regulations
  • Create a data analytics platform
  • Optimize database performance
  • Consolidate OLTP and analytics workloads on a single platform
  • Leverage Autonomous database in your data center

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations

Learn the fundamentals to build a strong foundation in cloud computing, core concepts and features of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).


Attend this training to:

  • Describe the key features and components of OCI.
  • Identify the core OCI service offerings.
  • Understand OCI security model.
  • Get to know the OCI compliance structure.
  • Understand OCI pricing, support model and operations.

Oracle Communications SD-WAN Boot Camp

This course introduces the key technical concepts of Oracle’s SD-WAN offering and equips attendees with the skills to configure and troubleshoot an Oracle SD-WAN global network. Essential elements of network, site, and quality of service configuration are demonstrated in detail alongside related monitoring and troubleshooting activities enabled by the SD-WAN appliance GUI. This course also provides best practice recommendations for efficient provisioning and maintenance of the SD-WAN configuration and network.

To be approved for this training session you must pass the online test Oracle Communications SD-WAN Solution Engineer Specialist (Oracle Partner Network – OPN – account required)

Topics covered during the boot camp assume a level of networking experience roughly equivalent to CCNA certification.

Oracle at MWC Barcelona 2022

Join Oracle at Mobile World Congress 2022

Join us in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress 2022 to learn how Oracle Communications can help you accelerate digital transformation and evolve your networks for 5G and beyond. Learn how our industry solutions are enabling the new digital experiences and business models made possible by 5G, with secure cloud applications, infrastructure, and automated cloud native networks.

Oracle will have a hospitality suite at the Alexandre Hotel Fira Congress, which is opposite the Fira Gran Via, Barcelona.

If you’re interested in meeting with Oracle executives and solutions experts onsite, contact your sales representative or send us an email.

We look forward to meeting you in Barcelona!

Oracle MySQL Hands-On Lab

Getting Started with MySQL Database Service, HeatWave and Oracle Analytics Cloud

Have a hands-on experience with live support from Oracle MySQL experts

MySQL Database Service, with HeatWave, is the only service that enables database administrators and app developers to run OLTP and OLAP workloads directly from their MySQL database. This eliminates the need for complex, time-consuming, and expensive data movement and integration with a separate analytics database. The service is optimized for and exclusively available in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

In this hands-on workshop you will learn how to:
Create and configure the MySQL Database Service with HeatWave
Run OLAP workloads on MySQL Database Service with HeatWave
Connect MySQL Database Service with Oracle Analytics Cloud in order to visualize your data graphically

Getting started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security

Running critical workloads in the cloud has organisations facing new security challenges. In addition to this, in recent months, many organisations have had to fundamentally adapt their working practices; making security a major consideration. Register now for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security virtual hands-on workshop and get a personal technical experience on how simple it is to increase security using Oracle Cloud.

Hands-on exercises and demos – a personal technical experience
The hands-on workshop will start with an explanation of the basic components of why and how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has approached security differently – designed and build into the cloud from the ground up and not as an afterthought. The session will then move into a series of hands-on exercises and demonstrations. Join us and learn why companies like Zoom, Cisco and McAfee have already moved key workloads to Oracle Cloud.