Extending Fusion Cloud Apps with Oracle Application Platform (Visual Builder)

Extending Fusion Cloud Apps with Oracle Application Platform (Visual Builder)

At CloudWorld 2022, Oracle announced the availability of Oracle Application Platform for partners and customers. The platforms allows developers to create extensions and applications that connect to Oracle SaaS, with the same tools and resources used by Oracle to develop the apps. In this session we’ll show you how the combination of Oracle Visual Builder Studio and the Redwood templates, patterns and components can help you create extensions around Oracle Fusion Apps ecosystem.

Enterprise Chatbots for Oracle Databases: SQL Dialog in Oracle Digital Assistant

Enterprise Chatbots for Oracle Databases: SQL Dialog in Oracle Digital Assistant

SQL Dialog adds a conversational layer on top a database!
SQL-Dialogs allows users to speak to their databases in natural language to build Enterprise Chatbots. Oracle Digital Assistant’s new SQL Dialog, allow us to translate a user’s natural language into SQL queries, to fetch data from a database directly to the user.

SQL Dialog adds a quick conversational layer on top of DB-based applications without having to create individual intents for each query.

Speakers: Daniel Teixeira & Jürgen Kress
Schedule: January 31st 2023 16:30-17:30 CET (Berlin time)

How to become a certified Oracle Cloud Platform expert? Free certification!

How to become a certified Oracle Cloud Platform expert?  Free certification!

Want to make more money doing the job you already have? Before you ask for a salary raise, you might want to become a cloud expert first. Getting certified in your field can often mean the difference between continuing your job or get a promotion including a pay raise. Boost your career and become a certified Oracle Integration or Oracle Digital Assistant expert!
Attendees will be updated on the available Oracle Cloud Platform trainings, certifications and the free training. Including the resources and support of the PaaS and Developer partner communities and free cloud trials. Can’t access the free training & certification? Oracle OPN team will provide instant support check and fix your account during the webcast! Boost your career with an Oracle Cloud Platform certification!

What is Oracle APEX Quick SQL?

If you’ve browsed Oracle APEX’s features you must have seen the Quick SQL in the SQL Workshop. But have you ever used it? Do you know the shortcut? If not, have a look at this post to understand better this amazing tool.


What is Quick SQL?

According to the Oracle Documentation

Quickly develop a script for simple tables and views.

Quick SQL provides a quick way to generate the SQL required to create a relational data model from an indented text document.

Quick SQL is designed to reduce the time and effort required to create SQL tables, triggers, and index structures. This tool is not designed to be a replacement for data modeling. Instead, Quick SQL is simply a quick way to develop a script for simple tables and views. Once you have generate the SQL, you can then tweak and expand it.

From this quote, you can see that it is not design to replace traditional SQL Development, it is just a tool to help speed up the development of simple routines that sometimes take longer than they should.

Where can I test it?

If you have Oracle APEX,  you can open it in SQL Workshop -> Utilities -> Quick SQL

If you don’t have it, then you should go get it, it’s free 🙂 . But if you really in a hurry, then try https://apex.oracle.com/quicksql

Basic Syntax

As you’ll see, quick SQL is easy to use, you just add some text, indentation and shorthands for stuff you want. Take a look at the example below

On the left side is what I’ve wrote and on the right side is the actual script being generated. Can you see from this simple example how much writing quick sql did for me? I’ve only wrote the table name, indented to write the columns with some shorthands for things like data types and not null. And when I wrote “date_of_birth” i didn’t have to write anything. And the Primary key came as a bonus.

By pressing Enter or “Generate SQL” it keeps updating the right side, so I knew what was happening all the time.

Let’s add a bit more

Ok, that may have been a bit too easy, let’s add

  • check constraints
  • a child table
  • audit columns (auditing in the trigger)

This simple addition made it difficult to fit the right side content, so I’m adding it bellow

 Where can I learn more?

The good news is that Oracle provides a lot of content to study.

The bad news is that, as far as i know, only Oracle has content about it

Quick SQL Documentation: https://docs.oracle.com/en/database/oracle/application-express/20.2//aeutl/using-quick-sql.html#GUID-21EE36C2-F814-48C0-90EA-7D464E9014FD

Shorthands and Datatype: I don’t have a link for that, I have a path. with Quick SQL opened, click on help and you’ll get all the datatypes, table and column directives that you can use (check image below)

One final tip

Take a look at the sample files, you won’t believe how much you’ll learn from them.

That’s it, good studies and good luck

Oracle APEX List of Values and Popup Lov

Most people don’t know, but Oracle APEX List of Values (LoV) are very flexible components with that allows us to perform a series of actions using a centralized and reusable data source.

In this post, I’ll be briefly talking about some of the amazing functionalities this tool provides us.

Multi column view

After creating the LoV you can scroll down to Additional Columns and add all columns available in your original select. This columns will become available Popup LoV when the user clicks on it to find an item.

The nice thing about this feature is that you can toggle if the column is visible, searchable and even add a format mask.

And don’t worry, if you use the same LoV for Select Lists items, it will still get its configuration from the Display / Return Value fields.


If you have one or just a few Apps in you workspace, you probably never did a subscription. But this is a great way to have a “Master List App” that all other apps listen to get updates.

The interesting thing to note is that the subscription needs to be refreshed by the Publisher or Subscriber, it doesn’t happen automatically. For this reason it allows you test it before letting the code propagate to other applications.

JavaScript Initialization

For those who know JavaScript, you can modify the initialization object and return it with a new configuration.

Although Oracle APEX has dropped jQuery UI, it still uses the same OPTIONS object that you can learn more about in here https://api.jqueryui.com/dialog/


Additional Outputs

Going back to my first tip when I mentioned multiple columns, in addition to that, you can set the value of multiple page items by using said columns. The interface here is a bit too compact, but from the example you can see the pattern. Column name : page item, another column : another page item.



As you can see, the List of Value and Popup LoV are 2 powerful features that allow us to quickly develop without gaving to worry too much about standard list components (and some not so standard as well). I could probably write much more on the subject, but that will probably stay for another post 😉

Why are Entities so important? Best practice Oracle Digital Assistant Webcast

In this 6 part series we will focus on the end-to-end best practices, to guide you on what constitutes a great conversational experience. “Why are Entities so important?” will be the topic for the 3rd session. Here we will explore real life challenges for entity extraction and how to leverage the platform features to solve them.
Learn why are Entities so important:

· Challenges of real life entity extraction
· Entity best practices with platform features
· Always use composite bags
· When to use Event Handlers

Process Automation Service – Partner Community Webcast

In this session, we will cover the latest updates and demos from the Process Automation Service. We will introduce the new cloud native version of our service. Process Automation is a platform for custom build process application or to customize Oracle SaaS services like HCM and CX. Join us to see a product demonstration covering both use cases for digital transformation and to adapt SaaS process.

Innovate SaaS with Chatbots based on Oracle Digital Assistant

Innovate SaaS with Chatbots based on Oracle Digital Assistant

Digital Assistant is an AI service that offers prebuilt skills and templates to create conversational experiences for your business applications and customers through text, chat, and voice interfaces. Application owners can easily get started with prebuilt skills to provide chatbot functionality to business users. Discover partner opportunities for SaaS services like HCM Cloud, Sales, Expense, Public Sector, Logistics, Project Management, PeopleSoft, B2C Service, Field Service, EPM, Recruiting, Care Experience, Siebel that include a Digital Assistant. For more information please see the Oracle Skills Documentation.

Speakers: Joe Huang & Jürgen Kress
Schedule: June 28th 2022 16:30-17:30 CET (Berlin time)
For details please visit the registration page.

Oracle Technology Summit Stockholm

Let’s meet again, in person, at the Oracle Technology Summit

Join us, in person again, at the Oracle Technology Summit on 26 April at the Convendum, Stockholm. The full day agenda will provide insight and expert discussion about the aspects that are most critical to the success, security and growth of your organisation right now.

Meet your Oracle team and catch up with industry peers

We have built in lots of opportunities for you to meet with your Oracle account and technical teams during breakfast, breaks and a seated lunch. You can also meet with your industry peers at the networking reception at the end of the Summit. We want you to leave the event with all your questions answered and equipped with everything you need to know on how Oracle can help you turn your cloud and on-premises technology investments into business value creators.

Emerging technology insights from both industry and sporting giants

Hear from innovators, thought leaders and other industry giants about the productivity gains made possible by emerging technologies and new autonomous applications. Get the inside perspective on Oracle’s recent headline-grabbing partnership success stories with the University of Oxford (Global Pathogen Analysis System), Red Bull Racing and the English Premier League. The agenda highlights include:

Oracle and Viscosity Present: Cloud and Performance Lunch and Learn


Join the Utah Oracle Users Group for a special lunch and learn, sponsored by Viscosity North America, providing niche professional services as an Oracle Platinum Partner and Quest Platinum Partner.
During lunch, attendees will get to sit in on up to three sessions presented by Viscosity Oracle ACE Directors, Charles Kim and Craig Shallahamer.

RSVP is required. Limited seating available so register now. Check-in starts at 9:30 AM, first session begins at 10:00.

America First Sandy Training Center
230 West Towne Ridge Parkway Suite 300
Sandy, UT 84070