Quick ways to transfer files to Oracle Support – MOS directly from the Database Server

Hi all,

This will be a quick one but helped me a lot last week.

I was working on an Ora-0600 issue on a 2 node RAC cluster. Working with Oracle Support I was asked to transfer a TFA data as well ADRCI data so they could move forward with the SR, very common process right?

After I generated all the files, it was over 3gb of data to be sent over. If I was to get the file from the database server to my laptop I would need to transfer these files multiple times due to the jump servers in the middle.

This time I was luck as the database server was able to ping the site https://transport.oracle.com so I tried sending the files directly to MOS.

I will show you how I did it. This is not a mistery but can really save you time

You have 2 options which are straight forward

Using curl

curl -T FILE_YOU_WANT_TO_SEND -u MOS_USER https://transport.oracle.com/upload/issue/SR_NUMBER/

Using tfacfl

tfactl upload -sr SR_NUMBER -user MOS_USER FILE_YOU_WANT_TO_SEND

On both you need to provide your MOS credentials the SR number and the file you want o upload

After the upload is done, you will see in the attachments in the SR that the files is with the status like “Transferring to the SR” after a few minutes later you will see the update on the SR saying that the file was uploaded to the SR.

Hope this helps!

Elisson Almeida