About the Book


Welcome to our book, our blog and our world to have fun and view/review/learn/laugh with some of our struggles and personal notes for ourselves in the future.

Those posts are basically our notes with some of ours discovers and tips to review in the future. I believe everyone who works with that kind of technology have some personal notes, right? So, ours are being published to share with you.

We believe in sharing and mutual growing, so feel free to reach us to share your notes and tips, to fix anything you think to be wrong or can be better explained or everything. This is not only GrepOra team’s blog. This is our blog. Which includes you.

Ok then. But we are publishing a book? Just why? Who is the target audience? How should I read it? How is it structured? What should I expect?


This week we are completing 2 Years since the blog was created (in that time, called MatheusDBA). And we decided to review our best moments in these last years and compile them for you. It’s, above all, a good opportunity to refresh some posts that are still actual.

For who:

We are compiling it as a best moments review to engage new readers with the best past posts and reach that readers that enjoy to read a book in their mobile reading devices. Actually, we believe that writing material for this kind of media is the future (or the present), so if you prefer to read PDF files in you Kindle, Ipad, or similar, specially for those who prefer the offline mode to not being bothered by social media notifications, instant messages and other: This is for you. 🙂

How to read:

This is a book generated by the best posts in the blog. If you read the blog you know that the posts are not continuos and mostly have not relation between them. So, this is a book to read some curiosities and tips, to learn and review some useful stuff and to be aware about some daily basis challenges and struggles on working with Oracle technologies. This is not a book to be read in sequence, chapters or something like this. Feel free to read whatever you want and whatever you feel it’s interesting for yourself and to get richer your own experience with Oracle techs… Simple like that.

The structure:

There is no boundaries for our posts and ideas. Of course we have specialities, but everyone can write about everything. So there is no chapters of any restrictedly fixed boundaries. However, to give a little sense, we kind of organized the posts by following this (using our blog categories):

  • Oracle Database, RAC and Dataguard;
  • ASM;
  • Datapump, RMAN, Exp/Imp;
  • Enterprise Manager;
  • Application and Middleware;
  • Golden Gate and Data Integrator;
  • Linux and Shellscripts;
  • Cloud Computing;
  • Heterogeneous Databases;
  • Web Development and APEX;
  • PL/SQL and SQL Scripts;
  • Errors and Bugs.

What to expect:

Basically: “To read some curiosities and tips, to learn and review some useful stuff and to be aware about some daily basis challenges and struggles on working with Oracle technologies”. But mostly: To have fun! This is a book written by Oracle geeks to Oracle geeks.

Welcome to our world!

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