RHEL: Adding User/Group to SSH and SUDOERS file

Some Linux basics… To add a group or a user (this case “new_group”) to the ssh and sudoers file:

[root@db-server ~]# vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config
[root@db-server ~]# cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config |grep new_group
AllowGroups ssh_group1 root oinstall linux new_group
[root@db-server ~]# vi /etc/sudoers
[root@db-server ~]# cat /etc/sudoers |grep new_group
%new_group      ALL=(ALL)       PASSWD: ALL
[root@db-server ~]# service sshd restart
Stopping sshd:                                             [  OK  ]
Starting sshd:                                             [  OK  ]
[root@db-server ~]#


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